Five enviable diseases! Never forget, perspective, which do you want most?

People’s life is full of all kinds of troubles, trivial things are too late to deal with, for the disease is far away, whether it is serious or minor illness, no one hopes to appear in their own body.

After all, the old saying goes: health is the capital of revolution! However, there are all kinds of strange things in the world, and some diseases are enviable. Come and have a look with Xiaobian!


Hypermnesia is a very rare medical anomaly. It is said that there are only 80 people suffering from hypermnesia in the world. People with hypermnesia have no ability to forget. They are clear about what they have experienced and remember all the details.

You see here is not particularly envious of it!

But Xiaobian wants to tell you, don’t envy too early, because this disease can’t choose to remember, so patients can remember happy things clearly, sad and painful things can still be vividly remembered. Do you still envy and want to “own”?

Savant syndrome

Scholar syndrome refers to a patient who has cognitive impairment, but has strong ability in other aspects, such as art or academic excellence.

10% of autistic patients are scholar syndrome. Their IQ is mostly lower than 70, but in some special tests, they are far higher than ordinary people. They have super ability, so they are also called “idiotic genius”.

This one appeared in the famous American performer Leslie Lemke. When he was 14 years old, he heard Tchaikovsky’s First Piano Concerto for the first time. As a result, he was able to play it without mistakes in a few hours, and he had never learned piano before.

Kim peak, the prototype of rain man, is also a living encyclopedia, who can memorize more than 15000 books.


Fat metabolism disorder is the disorder of body fat, there are two different kinds of fat transfer, one is excessive accumulation of fat, also known as obesity, fat is easy to accumulate in the stomach, neck and other parts.

The other is the loss of fat in a certain part of the body, especially the arms, legs, face, etc. many people want this “ability” to eat without getting fat!

Congenital painlessness

Congenital painless disease is a rare autosomal recessive genetic disease, which is characterized by no pain in any part of the body under any circumstances.

There is a boy in Pakistan who is a street entertainer. He shows the audience knife cutting, burning and so on. He doesn’t feel pain. He is born with a talent who breaks big stones in his chest. Scientists have studied him and found that he has SCN9A gene mutation, which is a common feature of congenital painless patients so far.


Everyone wants to have a pair of clairvoyant eyes. If you buy scratch music, you can see through other people’s cards. There is a girl in India who can see no matter how much cloth she puts on her eyes. And this kind of “special function” is not innate, but the day after tomorrow.

Do you envy these diseases! Xiao Bian believes that if experts can thoroughly study these special diseases, it will certainly benefit mankind. Which of these five diseases do you admire most? Comment tell Xiaobian!

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