Five frightening objects of the universe! Scientist: the future of civilization is worrying

Five frightening objects of the universe! Scientist: the future of civilization is worrying

With the rapid development of modern science and technology, human beings have created many “miracles”. From ground-based telescopes to space probes, and then to manned aviation, gradually, our understanding of the universe is more and more in-depth, but also realized that there are countless terrible celestial bodies in the universe. Now, let’s follow Xiaobian to see which objects in the universe will make people feel scared and make scientists worry about the future!

1、 Ruishenxing

Did you know that the earth could be smashed?

In 2004, scientists discovered Mars, as well as its potential threat to the earth. Apophis is a near Earth Asteroid with a diameter of about 250 meters. Because its orbit crosses the earth’s orbit, and it will approach the earth once every seven years, once it collides with the earth, it will be doomed.

This collision will generate the energy equivalent to 1.53 billion tons of TNT explosive, which will lead to the extinction of most of the earth’s life. Will it destroy the earth in a few years?

2、 Tabby star

Cygnus is about 1500 light-years away from the earth. Scientists have found a strange twinkling object in Cygnus, Tabby, whose brightness and dark changes are very puzzling. After observation, it is found that its maximum brightness can directly drop by 22% in one day, and then quickly return to its original brightness.

You know, Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, can only reduce the spectrum of the sun by 1%, so such a change is totally inconceivable to us.

So some scientists boldly speculated that an alien civilization might have built a Dyson sphere around tabby.

Dyson ball is a concept put forward by Freeman Dyson in 1960. He believes that the Dyson sphere will cover the stars and absorb their energy, which is a way for higher cosmic civilization to use the energy of stars.

3、 Blue discrete star

Blue straggler is also known as a vampire star. What does it have to do with vampires?

As we all know, everything in the universe can not escape aging and death, but the blue star is different. After hundreds of millions of years of baptism, it is still young, just like a vampire. How do they do it?

There are two explanations in the scientific community

1. The binary system absorbs hydrogen from its companion’s body to continue its life.

2. They collide with nearby stars, and the stars that get more energy are like porcelains.

4、 Colo 7B

Extremely cold or extremely hot is very terrible, but colo 7b is closely related to the two. Because of the tidal lock, the side of colo 7b always faces the star, and the side facing the star has a high temperature of 2600 degrees Celsius, which is enough to gasify the rock. On the other hand, the back surface can be as low as minus 230 degrees centigrade, often falling the stone rain after the condensation of rock vapor.

In this extreme world of ice and fire, the probability of life is zero. Are you afraid of this hellish planet of ice and fire?

5、 Black hole

The horror of black holes need not be talked about by Xiaobian! This universe is very common, the gravity is so big that even light can not escape from the celestial body, for human beings, has been a mysterious object.

Black holes are usually formed in two ways: one is produced at the beginning of the big bang, which is called “primary black hole”; the other is formed by the collapse of stars and then supernova explosion.

The study of black holes is very important because black holes are closely related to wormholes in the universe. Whether wormholes are channels through parallel universes is very important for human deep space exploration.

What else do you know about the frightening objects in the universe? Welcome to comment area.

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