Five kinds of long-lived animals in the animal world are envied by human beings? The fifth way is to live forever

The earth is a life planet rich in species. On this beautiful planet, human beings are intelligent life and the overlord of the earth. From the day of the birth of mankind, countless people are looking forward to living longer, and even a few emperors dream of being immortal.

But in fact, the law of life and death is a theorem that every creature must abide by. No life can escape death. The only difference is that the lifespan of different creatures is also greatly different. Although human beings are the overlord of the earth and intelligent life, they have no advantage in the issue of life span. In the animal world, there are many animals whose lifespan is much longer than that of human beings. Today, Xiao Bian will introduce five kinds of long-lived animals to his friends. The lifespan of the last animal is even more enviable.

1、 Beautiful Koi, I believe many people know Koi, this is a very beautiful high-end ornamental fish. In ancient myths and legends, there is a legend of “carp leaping over the dragon’s gate”. The carp in it is the koi that we are very popular with people now.

Koi has always been a synonym of beauty and nobility. In ancient times, the rich raised them in the pond to show their rich status. In modern times, koi is welcomed by more people. It is no longer exclusive to high-ranking officials. Many ordinary people can afford to raise Koi. Modern people raise Koi more for its beauty and nobility. It has become a popular high-grade ornamental fish in the world, known as “living gemstone in water”.

The life span of koi is relatively long. We don’t know how many years the wild Koi can live, but the life span of artificial koi is generally over 70 years old. The longest living Koi recorded in the world is a koi named “huazi” from Japan. It was born in 1751 and died in 1977. It has survived for 226 years. It can be said that it is the “old longevity” of Koi.

2、 Slow crawling tortoise, talking about the life span of tortoise, many people will think of such a sentence: “the king of a thousand years, the tortoise of 80000 years”. Many people will think that tortoise can live more than 10000 years from this sentence. Is that true? Of course not. This sentence only means that the tortoise has a long life span, but it does not mean that it can live for thousands of years or more.

In fact, the life span of turtles is not as exaggerated as people think. Generally, the life span of turtles raised in families is only 20 to 30 years, and that of wild turtles is relatively longer. Among them, the life span of sea turtles is slightly longer. Between 80 and 120 years, one of the oldest recorded turtles in the world is a Galapagos turtle named Haley. It is said that it was one of the first turtles that Darwin took away from the Galapagos Islands in 1835. In 2006, the world’s oldest tortoise died of heart failure at the age of about 175.

3、 Icelandic clam, clam is a kind of edible bivalve shellfish, also known as clam, belongs to mollusk. There are more than 12000 species of clams. The long-lived clam we call the Arctic clam, also known as the Icelandic bird clam, lives in the Arctic Ocean and its adjacent waters. At first, the clam was just a kind of common edible shellfish that was caught in large quantities, until the appearance of Ming changed all this.

In 2006, scientists caught a giant clam near Iceland, and according to the preliminary calculation, the life span of the clam reached 405 years. Because it was born in the Ming Dynasty in China, it was named “Ming Dynasty”.

4、 Languid Greenland shark, Greenland shark is a kind of deep sea shark, living in the Arctic and the North Atlantic 1200 meters deep sea. Because of their lazy nature and slow movement, they usually move slowly on the bottom of the sea in a state of sleeping rather than sleeping, so they are called “sleeping sharks”.

The largest body length of Greenland sleeping shark can reach 7 meters, which is comparable to that of great white shark. Although Greenland shark is lazy and slow, it is a very fierce shark and a top predator. The food is full of nimble animals, such as fish and seals. Some of the carcasses of reindeer, horses and polar bears have even been found in the belly of some Greenland sleeping sharks.

Since Greenland shark lives in the deep sea of 1200 meters, so far, we still know very little about it. It is a very mysterious marine life. According to the preliminary understanding, Greenland shark is a kind of universal life-span organisms, their individual life span basically reached between 100 to 200 years.

5、 Lighthouse jellyfish, jellyfish, I believe everyone has heard that this is a very magical small creature in the ocean, especially lighthouse jellyfish. They are not rare in the ocean, and can be seen in many sea areas. They are transparent, from the surface you can see the digestive system in the body, in the dark sea like a lighthouse, so named “lighthouse jellyfish”.

Lighthouse jellyfish are called “immortal animals” by scientists. Because they have the special ability to grow from mature stage to juvenile stage. This ability can make lighthouse jellyfish rejuvenate and regenerate continuously. Some people may say that since lighthouse jellyfish have the characteristics of immortality, does it mean that they can survive all the time?

Nature treats creatures fairly. Although the lighthouse jellyfish has acquired the attribute of immortality, it has lost its strength. They are small and weak. They are the bottom of the marine biosphere. They can only hunt plankton smaller than them, and have no combat power in front of other creatures.

Therefore, lighthouse jellyfish are preyed on by a large number of creatures in the ocean. Although they can live forever, their real survival time is very short, and they can’t enjoy the attribute of immortality at all. It can be seen that in the rules of nature, if you want to have a longer life, you have to lose other survival abilities. In the nature of the jungle, even if you have the natural advantage of longevity, you will eventually live shorter.

Human beings are intelligent life. Nature not only endows human beings with powerful intelligent attributes, but also deprives human beings of strong physical strength and longevity attributes. From this we can see that human body strength is not dominant in the animal kingdom, and the life span is not too long. If you lose your wisdom for a long life, will you choose? I believe most people will not choose, because people live with wisdom. Without wisdom, just having a long life is no different from walking dead.

In fact, human beings need not worry about life expectancy at all. With the rapid development of human science and technology, gene technology will continue to solve the mystery of life in the future. When scientists have solved the mystery of life, it will be easy to extend the life span of human beings through genetic technology. At that time, the life span of human beings will continue to surpass that of other long-lived animals and truly realize the dream of living for thousands of years. Even when science reaches its end, it is not impossible to achieve immortality.

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