Five real experiments you don’t know provide strong evidence for the existence of the soul

1. EPV experiment

EPV is a kind of supernatural electronic anomaly, which refers to the phenomenon of human voice from unknown sources in tapes, radio noise or other electronic media. EPV phenomenon usually occurs in tapes, and the sound that is completely inaudible during recording will be found after recording. Michael Keaton once played a complete atheist. After his wife died mysteriously, he began to contact his late wife through EPV, which is called white noise.

2. Dead body weight test

This is a famous experiment that many people are familiar with. In 1907, a doctor named Duncan McDougall in the United States put six dying patients on a special bed and weighed them when they died. He found that they all lost 21.3 grams at the moment of death. Then the doctor used another 15 dogs to measure, and found that there was no change between before and after death, so he came to the conclusion that man has a soul, and the weight of the soul is 21.3 grams, while the dog has no soul.

3. “God helmet” experiment

The God helmet experiment is a neurotheological experiment conducted by Canadian neuroscientist Michael bosinger. He asked the participants to wear helmets and then stimulate their brains with magnetic fields to create a near death experience. Eighty percent of the participants said that they felt that they saw the appearance of mysterious people in the process of dying, but their feelings were different. Some felt that it was God, but some said that they saw the deceased relatives. (Xiaobian feels that this experiment is related to people’s psychology. What they see in the near death experience is the God or other things they usually think of. For example, when Chinese people do this experiment, they may see more ox heads and horse faces, black and white impermanence or deceased relatives.)

4. Philip experiment

“Philip” in Philip’s experiment is a fictitious historical figure, which does not exist, but the purpose of this experiment is to bring this non-existent person back to life. In order to achieve this experiment, all participants must bear in mind the fact of Philip’s existence, memorize his life experience, and even draw a portrait for him. Interestingly, although there was no harvest in the first few months of the experiment, in the later stage, the participants could really simply communicate with the imaginary character by knocking on the table.

5. Ghost team experiment

This experiment was a reality show in 2004. The film crew came to the place where ghosts appeared in legend and used advanced instruments such as Geiger counter, electromagnetic field scanner, infrared camera, night vision camera, portable digital video camera, digital tape recorder and notebook computer to catch ghosts. It is said that they really caught some strange mist, shadows, lights and moving objects But it’s rumored to be called show.

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