Five Russian scientists propose to destroy the moon, blow up the moon, the earth will be warm as spring?

The moon is the only natural satellite on earth, which plays an important role in the evolution of life on earth. It can be said that the moon is the iron brother of the earth.

Russian scientists threaten to blow up the moon. What’s the problem? Why do they think so? Is this a bold idea?

The news that “five Russian scientists threatened to blow up the moon” came from an unconfirmed report. In my opinion, some newspapers do it deliberately to impress people.

The article said that due to the stable gravity exerted by the moon on the earth, the earth’s tilt angle remained at about 23.5 degrees, resulting in the four seasons changes of the earth and the vast land covered with ice and snow in Russia. So these five scientists want to completely destroy the moon and make most of the earth in spring weather all year round.

Let’s look at this idea, regardless of its scientific nature, and say whether it’s bold or not. We have to say that it deserves to be a fighting country. Of course, it’s just in the newspapers. We don’t know if it’s true or not.

The science of blowing up the moon is not strong enough

First of all, if you want to blow up the moon, you have to let the lunar debris fly away from each other. You can’t enter the moon together because of the gravitational interaction between each other. Therefore, the energy required is about to release 300 billion tons of TNT explosion energy at the same time, which is equivalent to the power of 600 billion big Ivan bombs. This is almost unimaginable, at least not with all human efforts . As a result, this idea cannot be realized.

What harm will bombing the moon do to the earth?

For more than 4 billion years, the moon and the earth have maintained a brotherly relationship. To be honest, if there were no moon, human civilization would not have appeared. The moon accounted for half of today’s power.

As mentioned earlier, the moon has a stabilizing effect on the inclination of the earth. Without the moon, the earth’s tilt would be in a wobble. Like Mars today, Mars is not as lucky as earth.

As a result, Mars can swing back and forth between 14 and 30 degrees in about 10 million years. This kind of change will make the climate on Mars change greatly at intervals, which is not conducive to the evolution of life.

In addition, the disappearance of the moon also indicates the disappearance of the gravity between the earth and the moon. Therefore, the gravity of the sun on the earth is dominant outside the earth. Therefore, the distribution of sea water on the earth’s surface will change greatly and gather towards the sun, which will obviously cause huge tsunami and immeasurable losses.

Marine life will also face a huge threat, because in the past few billion years, marine life has adapted to the tidal effects of the moon. Many marine organisms are closely related to tides. If there were no tides, marine life would die in large numbers.

This happens on land, too, but this time it’s not the tide of the sea, it’s the moonlight. The moonlight reminds some animals on the land, because some animals are nocturnal. When the moon comes, they just come out hunting, mating and breeding. If the moon disappears, the stability of the ecosystem will also be affected.

Simply list the importance of the moon you’ve seen. Russian scientists want to blow up the moon. It’s pure fantasy.

My view on this news is that the so-called “five Russian scientists propose to blow up the moon” may be just a fabrication, because I really can’t believe what kind of scientists have such an idea.

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