Five science tips that have cheated us for many years! Let’s see if you’ve been hit

Nowadays, in the era of information fragmentation, we have more and more comprehensive data, which provides a valuable reference for our life.

But we are often misled by some popular scientific rumors. Have you ever been recruited?

1、 The story of Newton and apple

You all heard the story of Newton and apple when you were young! Newton was inspired by being hit by an apple under the apple tree, and then came up with the law of universal gravitation.

As a famous scientific legend, this story still often appears in children’s works until now.

However, this legend was made up by Voltaire. It is said that he listened to Newton’s niece. Of course, in all Newton’s manuscripts, he did not mention the apple.

2、 On Einstein’s “false knowledge”

Einstein’s grades were medium when he was a child, which means he was a little bit of a student. But can you always see all kinds of words describing Einstein as a child?

Now we all regard Einstein as the pronoun of “genius”, and even endow Einstein with various versions of IQ, such as 146, 160, 200 and so on.

However, Einstein never measured IQ, and even at that time there was no IQ at all. It seems that Einstein’s IQ ranking and IQ value are really sugar coated bullets used to test our IQ! Whoever believes in it is naive.

3、 If a person is directly exposed to space, his body will burst

Many space movies tell us that in a vacuum without air, the pressure is very low. Without the protection of spacesuits, people will explode on the spot. In fact, human skin has good elasticity and toughness, and can act as a protective layer, so that astronauts will not explode.

But if the pressure and oxygen supply are not restored in time, he will not survive.

So what happens when people are exposed to space?

1. Ultraviolet rays burn the skin.

2. The gas expands in the body, the skin is stretched, and the body swells to twice its original size.

3. The liquid in the eyes and mouth begins to vaporize, and bubbles form in the blood, causing blood vessels to block.

4. The astronaut was in a coma due to lack of oxygen in his brain.

5. After 90-180 seconds, the astronaut suffocated and died.

Although the temperature in space is very low, if people are directly exposed to space, they will not be frozen.

Because there is no heat conducting medium in space, such as air, water, metal and so on, it is difficult for human body to radiate heat. But intense ultraviolet rays can still “cook” people.

4、 You can shoot old-fashioned TV without pictures by hand

Many people have had such an experience. At that time, you were quietly watching a program on an old-fashioned TV. Suddenly, the TV lost its picture, and then a gray “snowflake” appeared.

At the same time, there are also waves of inexplicable noise, many people will have the same action, that is, directly shoot two times at the TV or fiddle with the antenna, generally can recover.

With the progress of the times, it is difficult for us to reproduce such a classic scene today. But have you ever considered why the TV can still play “snowflakes” and noises when it does not receive satellite signals?

Because there are very few radiation signals that can not be eliminated hidden in the various signals causing the appearance of “snowflakes”, and they are likely to come from the first beam of light of the birth of the universe. It can also be said that 1% of these “snowflakes” may come from the universe.

The snowflake screen of TV is a masterpiece of radiation signal.

5、 How fake are science fiction movies?

When watching science fiction movies, many people are occasionally biased by the shooting techniques of the movies, such as what to wear in the space station?

In the movie gravity, the heroine slowly takes off her spacesuit after entering the space station, floats into the airtight cabin and curls up like a fetus; in Star Trek, the astronauts directly wear casual clothes inside the spaceship cabin.

In fact, real astronauts, even when working in the cabin without wearing spacesuits, will not run around barefoot.

Astronauts will wear a kind of liquid cooling suit or close fitting suit similar to trousers in the spacesuit, and after eight hours of perspiration, everyone’s hair is like mouse hair, so it is impossible to float in the cabin cleanly.

In science fiction movies, astronauts cry in space, tears floating out drop by drop, it’s very beautiful. But the real situation is going to disappoint you.

In the zero gravity environment, your tears can’t flow out at all, they will only rotate in the eyes, without aesthetic feeling.

Of course, movies are mainly for visual effects, and realism is not the only criterion for judging good movies.

Xiaobian thinks that our ignorance of the universe is far more than that of the known, but as long as you always keep a heart full of curiosity, that’s very good, don’t you think? Welcome to comment area.

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