Five very strange and mysterious things seem to conform to scientific logic, but they can’t be explained

We often say that there are countless things beyond human cognition in the vast mystery. There are many cosmic phenomena that cannot be explained by current science. They seem to be beyond the scope of current science. In fact, not only are there many phenomena that we can’t explain in the vast universe, but there are also many strange and mysterious things in the earth where human beings have lived for millions of years. They seem to conform to the scientific logic, but they just can’t give a reasonable explanation. Let’s choose some of them to understand.

1、 Volcanoes with blue flames, I believe we are not unfamiliar with volcanoes. The earth is also a rocky planet with many volcanoes. Although most of the volcanoes are dead volcanoes, there are still some active volcanoes that often erupt, and the harm of volcanoes is very huge. The five mass extinctions in the history of the earth are basically related to the eruption of volcanoes.

Because once a volcano erupts, the dust it produces can block the sun and bring great harm to the life of the earth. If the volcanic dust does not disperse for a long time, the earth will fall into the ice age. Of course, to achieve this kind of power, we need a super volcano eruption. Ordinary volcanoes are fine. Although many people have not experienced the scene of volcanic eruption, we can also see the terrible scene of volcanic eruption through the network.

The obvious eye of volcanic eruption is its fiery red lava. Maybe in the eyes of many people, volcanic eruption should be fiery red lava. But have you ever thought of a volcano with blue lava? Some people may say: how can such a volcano exist? But the world is so big that there is no wonder. There is such a volcano on the earth. It is kawaizhen volcano in East Java, Indonesia.

The volcano is constantly erupting blue melts, and the flames as high as five meters are flashing the colors of the world in the night sky. Why is the lava of kawaizhen volcano blue? According to the research and exploration of scientists, some of its mysteries have been initially revealed. It turns out that there is an acidic volcanic lake at the crater of kawaizhen volcano. The lake water is burned to form sulfur at the crater, so the gas in the volcano gushes out at a high temperature and pressure of more than 600 degrees Celsius. These gases are mixed with sulfur and become volcanic gas with high sulfur content. Under high pressure, the high sulfur gas will ignite when it comes into contact with the air, and the flame is as high as five meters.

If someone has done chemical experiments on sulfur combustion, they can understand that its flame is blue. Some of the gases burned on the volcano will condense into liquid and continue to burn, leaving the hillside behind. Therefore, the magic glow of molten slurry in these nights is actually sulfur-containing magma burning. It’s especially spectacular at night.

2、 The strange stone that can make a bell sound is no stranger to stone. The earth is a rocky planet, and the most important thing is stone. And the stone after wind and rain, often presents a variety of strange shapes, so many people like to go to the foot of the mountain, the beach to pick up stones, and some stones have a very high value.

Although there are many strange stones in the world, have you ever seen one that can make a special sound? I believe most of them have never been seen. There is a park in Pennsylvania. Many tourists go there with hammers. Because the rocks in this park make strange bells when they are hit. What’s going on?

Many people may say that there is nothing special about the stones here, but later someone broke them open and found that they are actually ordinary rocks. Why do ordinary rocks make strange bells? At present, scientists do not have a good explanation for this. It may be not only because of the stone, but also because of the surrounding environment.

3、 The unique twin trees, among the plants in nature, should make the greatest contribution to human beings. It is the existence of a large number of trees that can fix sand and prevent wind and maintain the balance of the whole ecosystem of the earth. If there are no trees in the world, the ecosystem will collapse, and the earth will gradually become a desert, an environment like Mars.

Because of the special survival mode of trees, people often make different kinds of branches grow on a tree by grafting. This grafting technology is mostly used for fruit trees, so many kinds of apples we see in the market are cultivated by grafting.

Twin trees are common in fruit trees. It’s not strange. But in Italy, there is a tree that attracts many tourists. What’s more strange about this tree? It looks like a tree, in which two kinds of trees live together, one is mulberry, the other is cherry. Cherry trees pass through the hollow trunks of mulberry trees to the ground.

Although it is not difficult to grow trees again by grafting, experts have never seen such a situation like this one. What’s more amazing is that the two kinds of sutras form a very large size, the branches extend to 5 meters, and the two trees can be harmoniously integrated for a long time. People don’t know how this magical grafting came into being? Maybe that’s the power of nature.

4、 Anasra boulder in Tabuk Province, in the ancient oasis city of Tama in northwest Saudi Arabia, has a very huge stone, which is called anasra. Boulders are not uncommon in nature, but the anasra boulder is different. It doesn’t look like it was formed naturally, but more like it was processed. Why?

If you look closely at this huge stone, you will find that it is composed of left and right pieces. According to the analysis of experts, it was originally a huge stone, but it was cut in half from the middle. Many experts have argued about it, but they still can’t find out the meaning and purpose of it. They don’t know who cut it. The mystery makes it full of mysterious rumors.

Archaeologists found that this huge stone existed as early as 2000 years ago, that is to say, it was established in the bronze age. You know, at that time, there was no advanced cutting tool that could cut such a perfect blade. Even now, it is very difficult to cut such a huge stone so flat from the middle, let alone 2000 years ago. So who is it and how can it be cut so smoothly? Maybe this mystery will never be solved.

Moreover, there are many patterns and characters on this huge stone, which shows that it is man-made. Archaeologists found a tablet from the period of Ramesses III in ancient Egypt nearby. Therefore, some experts speculate that this place should have been an important transportation hub between the Red Sea coast of the Arabian Peninsula and the Nile Valley in ancient times. According to the latest archaeological data, it has been inhabited for a long time since the bronze age.

5、 Devil’s cave is a geological structure in Nevada, but it has not been fully studied. This is a very narrow (1.5m) bottomless abyss because its depth has not been determined. After falling 90 meters, scientists found an underground reservoir at least 230 meters deep. But cave explorers were unable to explore it further: for some unknown reason, the camera was turned off. The closer to the abyss, the more uncomfortable people feel. This is due to methane emissions, but its source has not yet been determined.

The above five mysterious and strange things are just the tip of the iceberg, and there are still many things on the earth that are difficult to explain by science. In fact, the existence of everything in the world and the universe can not be separated from the scope of science. The reason why we can’t explain a lot of things is not that they are beyond science, but that human science can’t explain them. After all, there is no end to science. Only human science can make continuous progress. One day, all things on the earth will be able to uncover its mystery.

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