Five women participated in the experiment of chimpanzee hybridization. What’s the result?

In the process of the development of human civilization, we are not the only species. Neanderthals and thoros are our brothers and sisters, but they have not overcome the elimination mechanism of nature and disappeared on the stage of history. If we say that the world’s highest genetic similarity with human beings, it must be said that the chimpanzee. Why don’t we know that chimpanzees and humans have 98% genetic similarity in the process of evolution?

Scientists have made statistics that in the long process of biological evolution, 1.8 million species have been bred on the earth, and many species have no way of gene exchange, which is also what we call reproductive isolation. Generally speaking, species with close blood relationship can carry out gene exchange. Since the gene similarity between human and gorilla is as high as 98%, why can’t we carry out gene exchange? In fact, in the early stage of scientific development, someone had a crazy idea. In order to prove whether gorillas and humans can carry out gene exchange, Soviet scientists made a crazy experiment.

Crazy experiment

It happened in the last century, when the Soviet Union secretly conducted an experiment between human and chimpanzee in order to create a powerful “great army of apes”, which was led by the scientist Ivanov. Ivanov had made great achievements in the field of animal hybridization, so the Soviet Union was full of confidence in the experiment at that time.

In order to find high-quality gorillas, Ivanov went to Africa, but no adult gorillas were found in Guinea. Only eight months later, when scientists went to guinea at one time, they brought back more than 20 chimpanzees. Ivanov implanted human germ cells into three female chimpanzees with no results.

experimental result

So Ivanov changed his mind. What would it look like if the gorilla’s germ cells were injected into the human body? The experiment was so ridiculous at the time that it didn’t get a lot of support. Under the guidance of a large amount of money, five women still actively participated in the experiment. At this time, Ivanov found a male gorilla, but it is not mature, Ivanov can only wait for it to mature.

The results and process of this experiment were not recorded in history. In the end, Ivanov was exiled, and his experiment was not carried out. In fact, whether this undertaking is carried out or not, it has long been doomed that there is reproductive isolation between humans and gorillas, and it is doomed that gene exchange cannot be carried out. This kind of experiment is really immoral. No matter when, it should be forbidden.

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