“Floating cities” appear in African villages. Are they aliens or another entrance to time and space?

There are many mysterious phenomena on the earth, some of which are difficult to explain by science. Some time ago, such a strange scene appeared in a small village in Nigeria. In the blue sky, there is a huge city clearly visible, which is wrapped by clouds and moving forward in the sky. This news has aroused great concern. Some people speculate that it may be an alien spaceship, while others speculate that it may be the entrance to a parallel world. What’s the matter?


Cities over Africa


The first person to witness this phenomenon was a young beer maker in the village. He had finished his morning prayer and was ready to start his day’s work. At this time, he suddenly found a bright light in the sky. When he looked up, he found that it was a scene he had never seen before. There was a huge cloud in the sky. The cloud was flying slowly in the sky. However, when he looked carefully, he found that there were magnificent tall buildings wrapped in the clouds, and there was the sound of a cement factory.


With the flying of the city in the sky, more and more people have seen this phenomenon. Many villagers in this village have reached hundreds, and most of them have seen this phenomenon. One of them, a 10-year-old boy, said that the air city came out from one side of the tree, but the tree was not damaged. Where have the local villagers seen such a phenomenon? They think it may be a gift from God to mankind. Originally, I thought it was just a small episode, but I didn’t expect that two weeks later, a flying city appeared over the village. The local villagers were very happy and thought that maybe their village was very lucky, which was God’s choice.


The truth of “city”


After the incident was reported, it caused a heated discussion among netizens. Some people think that it may be just a natural phenomenon, and the illusion of buildings will appear in the sky of many cities. In fact, it is a mirage. But if it’s a mirage, why does the city move and make a sound? Until now, mirage is still an unsolved mystery. In other parts of the world, it seems that there is no archetype of air city. Therefore, some netizens also speculate that this may be the entrance of another time and space. If you can enter this air city, you may go to another world.


Some people think that this air city is likely to be an alien spaceship. The technology level of the aliens is very high. Maybe they make the spaceship look like a city. Under the protection of clouds, they monitor every move of the earth. This view has not been recognized by many people. In many UFO sightings, alien spaceships are basically disc-shaped or triangular. This huge urban complex can only expose itself faster.


Until now, this incident has not been explained by scientists. As the UFO did not harm anyone, the local village head also thinks it is a good thing, which proves that his village is unique. Seeing this, Xiaobian also feels the cultural differences. When we see this phenomenon, we always report it to the relevant departments for the first time. However, the village head regards this incident as a gift from God. It’s really funny. I don’t know what you think

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