Fold the paper 103 times and the thickness will exceed the diameter of the universe? We all misinterpret the meaning!

Fold the paper 103 times and the thickness will exceed the diameter of the universe? We all misinterpret the meaning!

When we were children, we all received education and learned various kinds of courses. In order to train the children’s hands-on ability, the teacher would also carry out some hand-made lessons, using a piece of paper to make animals of different shapes. Some boys, in particular, like folding paper airplanes. No one thought that a piece of ordinary A4 paper could be so useful. For ordinary people, a piece of paper can only be folded eight times at most. If they want to continue folding, the difficulty coefficient will increase greatly.

Scientists relate the concept of paper folding to the diameter of the universe. In a certain sense, if a piece of paper large enough can be folded 42 times, it means that it can reach the earth. In 2011, with the help of teachers, a group of middle school students in the United States launched a crazy paper folding activity. They asked a professional factory to make a 4000 meter long roll of paper, and the experiment began. It was difficult for many people to guess how many times they folded it. Later, they learned that it was difficult to continue folding after a total of 13 times. Fold the paper 103 times and the thickness will exceed the diameter of the universe? We all misinterpret the meaning!

How many times can paper stack reach the diameter of the universe?

If calculated carefully, it has 8192 layers, breaking the Guinness record. The previous record was 12 times, and this time it reached 13 times. Some people concluded that if the paper prepared was large enough, the number of folds would increase. Many people doubt that if a piece of paper is folded repeatedly, how many times can it reach 93 billion light years?

93 billion light-years is equivalent to the diameter of the universe. The universe is an ethereal existence. It is boundless and difficult for human beings to touch. It is particularly strange. We do not know where its boundary is and it is difficult to observe its scope. Some scientists speculate that the universe is expanding, and the speed has already exceeded the speed of light. The data are updated every day, so it is very difficult to make statistics. Theoretically speaking, a piece of paper with a thickness of more than 93 billion light-years is not impossible, just 103 folds is enough.

The thicker the paper is, the harder it is to fold

However, the difficulty coefficient of this experiment is very high, and the Guinness record is only 13 times, 103 times, which is almost beyond the limit. As the thickness of a piece of paper increases, it takes more effort to fold it. In middle school, we all learned exponential function, which means that when the independent variables meet certain conditions, the value of the function will also show an explosive growth stage. In easy to understand terms, for example, one day’s salary is two cents, the second day is four cents, and so on. On the 30th day, 10.737 million yuan will be paid.

If it continues for one year, the value has already exceeded the acceptable range of human beings, it is impossible to limit. We deeply understand that the universe is quite large, and human beings are like a grain of sand, small and insignificant, and subject to many restrictions. There are many mysteries in the universe waiting to be revealed by human beings. It is almost impossible to find out the answers easily. Unless human beings can understand more, it is possible to understand all the mysteries of the universe. Do you think folding paper alone can achieve the diameter of the universe? You can leave a message for interaction.

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