Folk story: don’t take “yellow skin” as an immortal. If you get up, you can drink a pot of it!

In many areas of Northeast China, weasel is generally considered as a mysterious animal. It is no less mysterious than ghosts in people’s minds. People both hate and fear it, so most people take a distant attitude. As a result, many people here in the Northeast dare not call them by their first names, but call them Huang Da Xian.

Why do people hate and fear it? Because it’s said to be able to attach. There are two kinds of huangpizi: one is ordinary huangpizi, which is just to make trouble secretly. The other is Huang Da Xian (Huang Pi Zi). But no one can tell which one is the cultivated Huang Da Xian and which one is the ordinary Huang Pi Zi. So as long as it’s yellow, it’s also awed. Huang Da Xian’s spirit is very big. The living people who are possessed by Huang Da Xian cry and laugh and talk to themselves. The expression, posture and tone are the same as the weasel. The content of the speech is also related to the weasel’s life.

Grandma said that when she was young, she and her sister-in-law were making pancakes in the yard. Suddenly, a yellow skin came out of the woodpile and stopped opposite the gate. Her two forepaws were raised to make all kinds of faces. Grandma yelled at him to leave, but he didn’t pay any attention, and his two forepaws danced even harder. At this time, grandma’s sister-in-law had been looking at it, and soon her eyes lost their luster, became dull and secretive, her face changed, and began to talk to herself. She put down the fire stick, with her hands than into an egg, said: “I want to eat round.” Grandma is a brave woman. In the age of war and chaos, grandfather went out to gamble at night. She used a hoe to beat back a bunch of beards. So she was not afraid of the yellow skin. She raised her rolling pin and threatened her sister-in-law: “I think you want to eat rolling pin. If you don’t leave, I’ll kill you. ” My sister-in-law suddenly began to cry, and said like a hen, “cluck, cluck, I want to eat cluck.” Grandma can’t bear to beat her sister-in-law. She remembers that the villain is the yellow skin on the opposite side. Why don’t she beat her sister-in-law with a bench? I’m afraid I’ll break it. People say that if I break it, I’ll break my sister-in-law. Really rushed past, she was really a little afraid, in fact, she had a layer of goose bumps, she was just bluffing. What shall I do? She suddenly thought of her watchdog, and called: “sunspot” big black dog ran over. Grandma pointed to the yellow skin on the opposite side. No matter what magic power it had, sunspot rushed to it. Yellow skin had been on guard for a long time. Regardless of the mischief, she quickly put down her front paws and went back into the firewood stack. That embarrassed look is really funny. Sunspot rushed to the firewood stack and was called back by grandma. At this time, her sister-in-law woke up. From then on, Grandma had to take firewood to cook. She did not dare to go to the haystack for fear that she would be possessed by the yellow skin again

It is said that after being possessed by yellow skin, if you find people who often kill them or butchers and so on, and go to the people who are possessed and have a big drink (four times), sometimes yellow skin will be scared away. But if the problem is more serious, you may have to ask for help, What kind of things happened around you that can’t be explained by science? Leave a message and let’s discuss

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