For more than half a century, countless ships have sunk there, and the location is in China

In the earth where we live, there are many places we haven’t set foot. There are many secrets buried there, and there are also “supernatural phenomena” that can’t be solved by our science and technology at present. Today, Xiao Bian will talk with you about the “gate of hell” – Poyang Lake, which is close to us. Because there have been countless ships sinking here for more than half a century, so they have been destroyed It is called “Bermuda, China”.

Poyang Lake, the largest freshwater lake in China, is located in the north of Jiangxi Province. It produces fish, shrimp and aquatic products, which also benefits the soil and water. However, strange events happen here. The water area near Laoyemiao of Poyang Lake has been a mysterious water area since the Republic of China. Due to its geographical location in Duobao Township, Duchang County, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, it is a long and narrow water area connecting Poyang Lake with the Yangtze River outlet, creating a kind of “initially extremely narrow” geomorphologic feature. It is also a strange place in geomantics from Songmen mountain in the south to Xingzi County in the north, and its story gradually makes this place These waters have become the most mysterious waters in China.

When the war of resistance against Japan was about to win, the Japanese army met Poyang Lake when it was transferring the strategic materials it was searching for. The more than 2000 tons of adomaru and Kobe Maru were mysteriously missing here. Not only the materials disappeared, but also the people on board were mysteriously missing. The search and rescue personnel investigated their waters. As a result, only one of the more than 10 people in the team successfully landed on the shore, but they were also missing Shortly after landing, he was insane and admitted to the hospital. After the victory of the Anti Japanese War, some non-governmental organizations and the American scientific research team jointly formed a diving team to explore the waters of Poyang Lake and also to search for the sunken Japanese ships. However, the strange incident happened again. The team expert Edward Bohr wrote in his memoirs: the waters we entered were dark and deep, but we swam A few kilometers later, we saw a flash of white light behind us, dizzy for a moment… Some of our friends lost their power under the white light and disappeared into the water.

A series of bizarre cases have attracted the attention of the authorities. In the past decades, the government has taken several salvage and drainage measures against Poyang Lake. However, no ship debris has been found at the bottom of the lake. Even the Japanese freighter that was full of cargo was not found missing. The cargo was found in the mud. There are many arguments in the academic circles. Some people say that the freighter did not sink here No; some people think it’s a supernatural phenomenon; others think it’s mud that takes the sunken ship away with the flow of water. In short, rumors abound, but the truth of the fact is unknown to the world.

There are countless secrets buried in the water area of Laoyemiao in Poyang Lake, which is not more than 50 meters deep. It not only makes people curious about the earth we live on. If one day human beings rely on science and technology to bring those disappeared ships to light again, you will feel that some unknown secrets will come to the surface? Welcome to leave a message and express your opinion!

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