For the first time, “extraterrestrial life” appeared on moon back, and chang’e-4 was the greatest contributor, which caused a sensation in the scientific community

Over the years, human exploration of outer space has never stopped. There is a question that we have always been curious about. Is there life on other planets besides the earth? As the moon is very close to us, it is necessary to explore it. Recently, a piece of information shows that “extraterrestrial life” has appeared on the moon. What is the matter?

Recently, the chang’e-4 spacecraft has landed on the back of the moon. This is not only the first landing on the back of the moon in Chinese history, but also the first successful landing on the back of the moon in human history. This time, the lunar landing has strengthened the country’s position in the space field.

This time, chang’e-4 is not alone. It carries a lunar rover named “Yutu”, which will carry out exploration mission on the back of the moon. In addition, chang’e-4 also brought a group of special tourists, including six kinds of creatures from the earth, such as fruit flies and cotton. This also means that chang’e-4’s mission is not only to explore the moon’s back, but also to conduct biological experiments. People are looking forward to the stars and the moon on the earth. Finally, on January 15, 2019, the moon sent back the first picture of plant germination, which inspired many Chinese scientists.

Unfortunately, the camera embedded in chang’e-4 can’t focus, so we can’t observe the growth of other creatures at present. The first germination is cotton seed, which will germinate, proving that the soil on the moon is suitable for life. Scientists say that although the natural environment of the moon and the earth is very different, cotton can still sprout tenaciously in such an environment, which is a miracle on the moon anyway.

We should know that the gravity of the moon is only one sixth of that of the earth, and the solar radiation received by the moon is much stronger than that of the earth. These are the main causes of the desolation of the moon. There are only craters on the surface of the moon. Chinese astronauts once carried out biological experiments on tiangong-2, and finally completed the experiment through personal operation of astronauts. However, the chang’e-4 biological experiment is very different from the last one. Researchers can’t operate it directly, they can only control it indirectly.

Some people may wonder why lunar exploration and biological experiments should be carried out at the same time? In fact, the researchers did this to study how the back of the moon would affect biological growth. In order to achieve this goal, we must first try to cultivate organisms on the back of the moon, so as to prove whether the back of the moon is suitable for the survival of organisms. If this biological experiment is successful, it will provide practical basis for human beings to transform the moon in the future.

The moon is a white planet when we look at it from earth, but it is gray when we look at it from close range in space. When can mankind turn it into a green planet? At that time, the ability of mankind to transform the planet will be affirmed. However, we should not underestimate the seeds germinating on the back of the moon, which will become an important contribution to the future human transformation of the moon. Let’s wait and see whether human beings can transform a desolate planet into a vibrant one!

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