For the first time, human beings received the signal from the aliens and replied, but so far they have not heard from each other

Since human beings entered the universe, they have never stopped searching for aliens. Scientists firmly believe that aliens must exist. The space technology of the United States is the most developed, and it is also the first to search for aliens. In the 1970s, the United States successively launched Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 probes, on which two video discs were put, recording human related information. Now the alien probe is expected to fly out of the solar system, but it has not yet sent back valuable information.

The Hubble Space Telescope in outer space also helps us to search for aliens, and there are many alien signal exploration stations on the ground. Among them, Ohio State University in the United States has an observatory called “big ear”. One of its most important missions is to find signals of extraterrestrial life. However, for a long time, the Observatory has not received any valuable electromagnetic signals.

Just when scientists didn’t hold much hope, on August 16, 1977, amateur astronomer Jerry eman inadvertently pointed the lens of the telescope to Sagittarius, and received a mysterious signal. The signal lasted for 72 seconds. It was a magical signal, which was different from the electromagnetic signal from the living objects, and it was scientific The family also deciphered it.

Scientists found that the signal expression means 6equj5! And this is not encrypted information. The strength of the signal represents numbers from 1 to 9, followed by letters a to Z. The information represented by the highest point is translated into English as 6equj5, which means “you”. So 6equj5 represents a signal that increases in intensity initially, reaches the maximum, and then decreases.

Scientists believe that this is the signal sent by aliens, and some scientists say that this is not the signal sent by the rotation of celestial bodies? Because there is a special kind of celestial body in the universe: pulsars, which will send out very regular electromagnetic signals. However, after analysis, the scientists believe that this signal is very strange, not from the pulsar. It must be an alien signal. Later, scientists also looked for this signal in the direction of Sagittarius, but unfortunately, this signal can no longer be found.

Hawking has repeatedly warned humans: if you receive a signal from an alien, don’t try to reply, it’s easy to expose the position of the earth. But after 30 years of research, scientists believe that this mysterious signal is the signal sent by aliens. So 35 years later, the National Geographic Channel of the United States cooperated with the Arecibo telescope to reply the signal. The earth’s telescope sent a reply message to the direction where it had received the mysterious signal!

The existence of extraterrestrials in the universe may not be as rare as humans think. Maybe extraterrestrials are common. Think about the trillions of planets found in the galaxy. Even if it is one in 10000, there will be thousands of extraterrestrials. So the main reason why extraterrestrials have not been found is the problem of distance. The distance in the universe is calculated in light years, planets There are billions of light-years or more between the earth and the planets. The earth like planets that may have advanced life are discovered by human telescopes. The nearest one is 201 light-years. This distance is not only beyond the reach of human beings, but also beyond the reach of other civilizations.

Speed limits the pace of searching for aliens. If we want to find aliens, we must solve the problem of spacecraft speed. The slowest speed is sub light speed, and the speed of light is not very fast in the universe. Just like this earth like planet nearest to the earth, it takes 201 years to fly at the speed of light. But there must be advanced civilizations in the universe that can carry out interstellar navigation, light speed and superluminal flight. If aliens come to the earth in the future, it means that the scientific and technological strength of the other side will far surpass that of the earth. When it comes to the ball, I don’t know whether it is a blessing or a curse. Hawking’s worry will not come true.

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