For your safety, don’t look down when standing in this place

Since ancient times, there has been a Chinese proverb: people go high, water flows low, but when they really get high, they find that they will face many things, such as the following.

When we climb to a high place, do you feel like Xiaobian that you want to jump down? Your heart will tremble unconsciously and your legs will soften, but you don’t have acrophobia. Xiaobian thinks that there is something wrong with your body many times. For this problem, Xiaobian has gone to many places and read a lot of materials. The emperor has been able to help me find the problem Where it is!

It turns out that all these things are caused by our deep perception. People’s perception is often the first step to know the danger. She thinks that you are going to face danger and will remind you first, or her heart shakes, or her legs are soft, or she sweats. What’s more, she will fantasize and fantasize about all kinds of wonderful results. But this kind of deep perception is born, or learned in a few months after birth, At present, there is no final conclusion. This state is known as “visual cliff”, one of the classic experiments of developmental psychology. We finally understand why we have the impulse to jump when we look down from a high place. Xiaobian suddenly has a kind of sudden realization.

But the visual cliff I really remember you, even if Xiaobian forgot himself, I guess I won’t forget you. Every time Xiaobian climbs up, he thinks he has a problem, which makes Xiaobian think for a long time, almost depressed. What a pity! I don’t know youmu has the same partner as Xiaobian. Come on, let’s talk about whether you are as embarrassed as Xiaobian?

This article is the original work of Meng Kaixin, the author of Jiujian

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