Foreign black technology to create the history of the strongest stockings, give you 50000 you can not tear!

Silk stockings hook silk has been a very distressing problem in the eyes of many women. Even in the eyes of many women, silk stockings have always been a kind of “disposable goods”, and they will not wear it again after the last use. It’s a joke to say that even the bandits are very upset when they meet the silk stockings of poor quality. After all, the bandits want to put the silk stockings on their heads. Once the silk stockings are broken, their true colors will be exposed.

But sherry, a scientist from California, solved the problem with new technology. She invented a new type of tear resistant silk stockings, which can not be scratched by cats or torn by hands. Even if she pedals hard with high heels or uses this new type of silk stockings to swing, it can be intact.

Maybe many beauties will worry about the thickness of the super strong silk stockings. In fact, there is no need to worry about it at all. This new type of silk stockings invented by Shirley will not be too thick or hang silk. It’s very good.

A few days ago, they launched crowdfunding on the crowdfunding website in the United States, and now they have pooled all the money. For this new type of silk stockings, customers only need 20 euros (about 156 yuan) to receive an internal test bag and start to use it.

It has to be said that in the silk stockings industry, this is definitely a very exciting invention, but whether this new type of silk stockings will be a revolutionary product remains to be investigated by the market.

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