Foreign media scientist: if the voice reaches 1100 decibels, you can also create a black hole!

According to the science report on foreign websites, a physicist said that a volume of 1100 decibels can create a black hole, which can distort space-time!

Xiaobian also opened his mouth when he saw the news: if I speak with my girlfriend in 1100 decibels, can I create a black hole?

The answer is yes, but I can’t speak at 1100 decibels, not just me, no one. “Who” here includes everything in the world

“Decibel” is a unit to describe the volume. This unit is somewhat special. It belongs to logarithmic unit. That is to say, 20 decibel is not twice of 10 decibel, but 10 times! So what is the concept of 1100 dB sound?

Perhaps friends who still have an impression of junior high school physics should remember that the noise generated by the plane when it takes off is basically the biggest noise at present, and the high volume sound is only 80 decibels. According to records, the biggest sound in history was in 1883, when the karakato volcano erupted, and the sound produced reached 172 decibels. What was the impact of such a high decibeled sound at that time? According to records, when a volcano erupts, even if you stand 65 kilometers away from the volcano, your eardrum will be easily broken. It is said that the sound at that time could circle the earth four times!

That is to say, we can’t achieve the sound of 1100 decibels at all, not only we can’t achieve it, but also all the current technologies can’t achieve it. Even if we achieve this effect, the cost is unprecedented.

If such a high decibel sound is produced, it can compress the air to infinitesimal, which is a singularity. The singularity is characterized by infinitesimal volume but infinite density. Such a point is a point with infinite curvature of space-time, which is similar to what we usually call a black hole.

But do not worry, 1100 decibels of sound, at present is unable to produce!

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