Foreign women use their tongue to test the power of Chinese mousetrap. For a moment, women’s expression is like this

If you want to say that the most adventurous people in the world should be the people of those countries in Europe and the United States. Most of the adventurous experiences often come from Europe and the United States. This is another exotic adventure experience of a foreign woman recently.

I believe friends living in the countryside must have seen the green mouse trap. In the past, farmers in the countryside used their wisdom to invent the mouse trap, which is a huge blow to the rat army. Basically, every rural family has at least one mouse trap.

Although this kind of tool looks small and exquisite, it has fine workmanship. The most important thing is that once the prey is clamped, it will be fractured instantly. Even if the human fingers are placed on it, it is also painful.

This kind of rat trap is powerful. Seeing the rat’s waist broken, do you dare to experience it with your fingers or even your tongue? It is estimated that 99% of people will say no.

However, some people don’t believe in evil. Several foreign women are very curious about this special tool that only China has. Although this tool can catch mice, is it really so powerful? If you don’t believe it, try it.

Several beautiful foreign women lined up in a row and said they wanted to experiment one after another. So they decided to draw lots for the experiment. As a result, the scene of the first woman’s experiment frightened all the people present.

The woman carefully opened her bright red lips and put her tongue into the iron frame of the mousetrap. Then the woman gently triggered the spring switch of the mousetrap with her tongue. As a result, she caught her tongue.

To see such a scene, Chinese netizens are happy, so beautiful tongue, kiss what is not good, must die to bite the mouse clip.

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