Forgotten in space astronauts, floating for 311 days, back to the ground, the motherland split!

Forgotten in space astronauts, floating for 311 days, back to the ground, the motherland split!

In 1957, the former Soviet Union launched the world’s first man-made satellite, which started the exploration of outer space. The universe is a mysterious existence in the eyes of human beings. Everyone yearns for the world beyond the earth. With the rapid development of high technology, manned space flight is finally ushered in. In 1961, dongfang-1 was successfully launched into space, and astronaut Yuri Gagarin created a miracle. Since then, various countries have opened the prelude to space.

Astronauts floating in space for 311 days

Both the cultivation of astronauts and the construction of detectors need a lot of manpower and material resources. Astronauts need a strong psychological quality, and their physical health also needs to meet the standard. Yuri Gagarin has become the first astronaut in the world and is admired by the world. However, not every astronaut is very lucky. In history, an astronaut was forgotten and floated in outer space for 311 days. He thought he would die in space, but he did not expect to return to the surface of the earth. After landing on the earth, he found that his motherland was gone. He was krikarev. Forgotten in space astronauts, floating for 311 days, back to the ground, the motherland split!

He loves his work very much and tries his best to complete the observation and research of space. At that time, he took the Mir space station rocket and opened a new chapter. In the next two months, he kept in touch with the ground monitoring station. However, he suddenly lost contact one day, which is very abnormal. In this case, he did not feel a bit flustered. He continued his work and carried out his ideas all the time. Someone would surely come to pick him up and take him home when the food was about to run out.

What happened to the astronaut?

A volunteer team arrived in outer space and provided supplies. He was shocked to hear that the Soviet Union collapsed seven months after he left the earth. His country, which he loved most, was torn apart, which made him burst into tears. When he was sad, he had been assigned to the Russian army. However, he did not know that he was still in space. The Russian army regarded him as a deserter. If he was caught, he would be punished.

In fact, it took him too long to get back to Russia because he was trapped in space for so many reasons. Finally, under all kinds of entanglements, everyone did not give up on him. Finally, in 1992, he was taken back home and given a high honor. This is the happiest thing after he lost his motherland.

He broke the record of the longest stay in space in history and became a great man in the world. Almost everyone remembered his existence. Although he lost his motherland, he got the supreme honor. He did all this for his own country. Maybe many people think that his fate is tragic. It really reflects that he is a man with fearless spirit and deserves everyone’s thumbs up. What else do you know about this astronaut?

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