Fortune makes a fool of people: the balance of British little lovers’ accounts is insufficient, and they miss the bonus of 180 million pounds

According to the Daily Star on March 2, a couple thought they had won 182 million pounds (about 1.638 billion yuan) of the European lottery, but they lost a lot of money because of insufficient account balance. Liam mcclohan, 21, and Rachel Kennedy, 19, are used to buying lottery tickets on mobile software every week. They have bought the same number for five consecutive weeks: 6, 12, 22, 29, 33, 6, 11. February 26 is Friday, and it’s the day of the grand prize. When Rachel turns on her mobile phone software to check the results, she suddenly sees the music of congratulations. This group of numbers are actually paired with the grand prize of 182 million pounds!

Still a student, Rachel immediately called her mother and her boyfriend Liam, and they exclaimed excitedly that they would not have to work hard for the next life! But this ecstasy only lasted for a short time. After Rachel and her boyfriend contacted the lottery agency, the other party regretfully informed them that the balance of the bank account used by Rachel to buy lottery tickets was insufficient. Although the software was used to set automatic purchase, in fact, the payment failed. In an interview, Rachel said that at that moment, it was really heaven and earth. Originally, she thought that she was standing on the top of the world and becoming a winner in her life. She was beaten back to her original shape in an instant, and her mood could not be calmed down for a long time.

Rachel also said that her boyfriend Liam is more sad than she is. Originally, her boyfriend is the most excited one, and she has made a detailed plan for how to spend money, but she didn’t expect that everything would come to nothing. Liam said: “although the psychological gap is very big, my girlfriend is still relatively calm. I’m the most heartbroken. I’ve already spent more than 100 million yuan in my mind, but I don’t think it’s all a dream now? What kind of house to buy, what kind of car, how to play all day, I outlined the bright future of this all over. To tell you the truth, I really feel very unfair in my heart. “

Liam also said that the winning effect of the mobile phone software was too realistic. They looked at the prompt music again and again, and the selected row of numbers lit up, flashing golden light, as if they were on the scene, deeply thinking that a huge sum of money was in front of them. Rachel said that through the Oolong incident, she realized that this group of numbers may not be lucky and made a big joke with them. She decided never to buy the numbers again. When Liam learned that he had not successfully bought the lottery ticket, he shared the tragedy on the social network and posted a screenshot of the software reporting the winning. Originally Liam just wanted to make complaints about his fate with his friends, but he didn’t think that this bad thing soon became popular. More than more than 30000 people praised his picture.

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