Four dimensional space is around us? Human beings are eager to enter, but can not break the barrier

In many science fiction movies, we often see some incredible scenes, such as star wars, alien civilization entering the earth and so on, which are almost impossible in reality. The concept of multidimensional universe put forward by scientists has also been perfectly presented in science fiction works. As three-dimensional creatures, what we want to understand most is four-dimensional space.

At present, the space we live in is three-dimensional space. The scientific community believes that there are still more advanced four-dimensional space, even five dimensional and six dimensional space. However, with the current level of human science and technology, there is no way to touch a higher dimensional space, but to say that human beings may enter the four-dimensional space, the answer should be yes.

Because there is only one concept of time difference between the four-dimensional creatures and the three-dimensional space we live in, maybe when human civilization develops to a certain extent, it will be upgraded to four-dimensional creatures. Even though this idea is very advanced, and beyond most people’s understanding, four-dimensional space is full of mystery, scientists never stop exploring it. There is even the idea that four-dimensional creatures may live around us.

For the concept of dimension, people have some understanding. For example, the patterns on the plane and the characters in the animation we see are all part of the two-dimensional world. The real objects with length, width and height, including people themselves, belong to three-dimensional space. In the high-dimensional space, the four-dimensional space is relatively easy to understand. What happens in the three-dimensional space looks like a long movie that can fast forward and backward.

Einstein was the first to put forward the concept of four-dimensional space. He accidentally combined the cosmic law in the evolution of time and space with three-dimensional space to create more three-dimensional dimensions, and further expanded the journey of human exploration. Although people have not really found the existence of four-dimensional space, the development of human beings can not break through the limitation of dimensions. But scientists still believe that in four-dimensional space, life is also born. Moreover, if they give birth to a higher level of civilization, then, in terms of innate conditions, they have surpassed human civilization.

And some mysterious phenomena in reality can also be explained by four-dimensional space, such as missing and crossing. The so-called disappearance means that something suddenly disappears. Just like we take something away from ants, creatures in four-dimensional space can also play with things in three-dimensional space at will. They quietly take something away. We don’t know why. Therefore, we can explain that people can enter, but it is likely that the creatures in the four-dimensional space forced us into this space. There are many disappearances and crossing events in the world, which may be the real case of four-dimensional space.

In “three bodies”, we have described the huge differences between multi-dimensional organisms and human beings. They can easily destroy human beings, or launch a simple two-way foil, which is enough to reduce the dimension of the whole solar system, and the result is irreversible.

So in the eyes of 4D people, human beings are as small and fragile as ants, and as harmless as shadows. However, some scientists believe that four-dimensional space is only a concept after all. No dimension in front of the big law of the universe can interfere with each other. Even if four-dimensional creatures surround us, we can’t perceive each other’s existence. This is the magic of the universe.

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