Four mysterious light spots appear in the sky of the United States, eight areas witness, is this the alien fleet?

With the development of science and technology, alien civilization is no longer very far away from us. Even many children know about aliens. Although this has become a fact of human confession, no one has ever seen them. Since the year 2020, there has been an endless stream of news about UFOs. These UFOs may be weather phenomena or UAVs made by human beings. According to the report of British media on November 11, UFOs appeared in Texas City of the United States, and many witnesses saw this phenomenon.

Mysterious light spots over the United States

A witness uploaded such a video on the Internet. It was a very ordinary night. When the local residents were walking on the road, they suddenly found that an extremely dazzling unidentified object appeared in the dim sky. It was a mysterious light source. Flying in the sky, it sometimes became a cube, sometimes formed a diamond shape, and soon disappeared in the sky. The witnesses came from eight different places, the longest distance being 80 miles.

Netizens claimed that he always believed in the real existence of extraterrestrial life. When he looked up and saw four mysterious light spots in the sky, he immediately thought of the alien spaceship. These four mysterious light spots have established formation, which looks like the star fleet of aliens. He was very surprised when he saw the scene, so he quickly picked up his mobile phone and photographed it. And he also claimed that humans are not afraid of aliens, if aliens really came to the earth, then humans will certainly not give in.

What is the mysterious light spot?

This netizen’s name is Javier. After he posted the video on the Internet, it caused many netizens to like it. With the spread of video more and more widely, many people claim to have seen these light spots. Most of the witnesses came from the south, and some claimed that these mysterious light spots formed a straight line and flew rapidly in the air. Among these witnesses, the farthest distance is more than two hours’ drive. Since people in so many places have seen mysterious light spots, does it mean that these four light spots are not simple?

Although many conspiracy theorists think that this is the alien spaceship, some rational netizens think that it is too arbitrary to draw a conclusion through a video. These four mysterious light spots may be the UAV made by human beings, or the Kongming lamp burning in China. But if it is really a Kongming lamp, why can people so far away also see this phenomenon? It’s really hard to say.

Until now, scientists have no way to give an accurate conclusion. The unidentified light spots over the United States have become hot news on the Internet, and many conspiracy theorists have come forward to publicize their views. I don’t know what you think?

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