Four of the world’s “most pitiful” luxury houses, from $100 million to $30 million, no one wants to buy them!

Nowadays, with the rapid improvement of human living standards, many people will choose to invest their money or buy luxury houses. Human beings also have profound attainments in architecture. In the long process of historical development, we can see many magnificent buildings, which represent the infinite wisdom of human beings and the enjoyment and love of human life. Many people buy luxury houses in order to highlight their identity. These luxury houses have become an indispensable part of human civilization. Many luxury houses once flourished, but they fell into the altar and became the most pitiful abandoned objects. Here we are going to talk about these four luxury houses that have become ruins.

Michael Jackson’s Neverland.

Michael Jackson is the youth memory of a generation, and also represents an era. In 1988, Michael Jackson bought a 1200 kilometer mansion in the National Forest Park of the United States. At that time, he spent 30 million dollars. Because he liked Peter Pan very much and wanted to keep childlike innocence forever, he named this mansion Neverland. However, with the exposure of some later events, the former scenery of this mansion is no longer beautiful. Even if it is the former residence of the pop king, even if it is reduced from $100 million to $31 million, no one is willing to buy it.

Eight million dollars in luxury villas.

The owner of this mansion is David fendel, a very famous financial expert in the United States, who bought it for $8 million in 2002. There are all kinds of facilities in it, which was very luxurious in those days, but David fendel was arrested by the police for suspected commercial fraud. Because no one took care of this mansion, it became increasingly desolate. Even though he later got out of prison and wanted to return to this mansion, a big fire burned it to ashes. With a gloomy feeling, it gradually became a vicious house.

Li Xiaolong’s former residence Qihe Xiaozhu.

This is the last residence of Kung Fu superstar Bruce Lee. It’s a two-story villa in Hong Kong. Its appearance is simple and elegant, and it should have all kinds of facilities. Although Bruce Lee is also the memory of a generation, he left the world after living in this mansion for less than half a year. Later, a fan businessman bought the former residence and built it into a hotel. At that time, it became a punch in place for many fans. When she wanted to continue to build a cinema martial arts hall, the former residence was demolished because she did not get the support of the relevant departments.

The mansion of a Japanese real estate tycoon.

The owner of this mansion is the famous real estate tycoon in Japan, Shiro kawamoto. He is very keen to buy real estate. There are more than 170 houses in his name, and this mansion is one of them. However, due to his frequent extortion against tenants, there are also problems in tax affairs. Later, he was arrested by the police. This $200 million mansion has been gradually abandoned, and no one wants to buy it Buy it.

It’s a pity for Xiaobian to see that these high-value luxury houses are becoming more and more deserted. In particular, Bruce Lee’s former residence represents our memory and has completely disappeared in the world. What else do you know about the abandoned luxury houses?

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