Four reasons to tell you why a cup of cat excrement coffee costs 1500 yuan, which is not ordinary “excrement”

The unique cold of winter is isolated from the outside, and the temperature inside is like spring. Warm people are lazy. It’s hard to avoid having a full lunch in the afternoon, but I haven’t finished reading the official memorials. I can’t help but have a cup of coffee to wake me up! But how can fairies and mortals drink the same! If you want to drink it, you can drink the most expensive — cat excrement coffee! It’s said that a cup costs 1500 yuan

Today, let’s talk about cat excrement coffee. Why? It’s so hot! What! expensive!!!

Cat dung coffee is also called civet coffee. As the name suggests, it is the stool pulled out by Sumatran civet after eating coffee fruit ~ ~ similar to this

The number of civets is small, and it’s not easy to collect this kind of poop. It’s expensive because of its rarity, so it’s also the main reason for the high price of Maoshi coffee.

Secondly, the ordinary coffee we usually drink is hand picked coffee beans, then peeled and baked at high temperature. But our expensive cat excrement coffee is not so easy to produce. Sumatran civet eat coffee fruit, because the coffee beans are not easy to digest, the final discharge, but after gastric fermentation, make the final coffee produce a special mellow taste. The coffee beans discharged by cat need to be cleaned, dried, dried and other complex processes before the final product can be produced. So, that’s why Maoshi coffee is expensive.

In addition, ordinary coffee harvesting is mechanical harvesting, and the good and bad coffee beans are taken home together. As for our cat dung coffee, every coffee bean is carefully selected by civets. It’s not that we don’t eat the brightly colored or fully mature coffee beans, so the quality of coffee beans is guaranteed from the source.

Finally, not all cats eat coffee beans. Only civets eat coffee beans. Moreover, civets are only distributed in the Indo China Peninsula, India, Bhutan, Nepal and other regions, while Sumatra is the only one with more coffee planting.

Let’s take a look at our musk cats that look like “simply noodles.”.

So, our cat excrement coffee is excusable!

All right! The fairy made this cup of expensive coffee, and then she was going to read the memorial to earn money to buy expensive coffee!

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