Four ways to cross into the future! Hawking agrees that crossing is feasible, but warns against going back

The topic of crossing has been very popular in recent years, which can be seen frequently in film and television works. So, is it possible for human beings to cross the border? Next, I’ll introduce you to four ways to cross into the future.

1、 Human freezing

In 1967, American psychologist Bedford became the first person in the world to freeze human beings. From then on, human freezing technology has become a scientific means to extend human life. Especially when suffering from terminal illness, this method is the only hope to save life at present.

The use of human freezing technology, the body will be suspended until the development of science and technology and medicine, and then thaw recovery, by the future of science and technology for treatment, has reached the result of life extension.

The capsule is the “standard configuration” in many science fiction movies. People lie inside and freeze it. Decades later, even hundreds of years later, it will resurrect and reach the future.

The first time that human beings think about human body freezing is in a science fiction novel published in American magazine strange in 1931. After a person died of an incurable disease, he was launched into space. The cold and vacuum made the body preserved. One day in the future, aliens found the body and resurrected it. Since then, scientists began to explore and study the freezing of human body.

At present, the main route of human body freezing is to put the human body into liquid nitrogen at minus 196 degrees centigrade to isolate microbial damage and prevent oxidation through extremely cold and anaerobic environment. After decades of thawing, you may be as young as your great grandson.

2、 Wormhole

In our cognitive range, the speed of light is the speed limit in the universe, and all things with mass can’t exceed the speed of light. However, if we want to realize Star Trek or time travel in the universe, we need to have a singularity, namely wormhole.

The earliest wormhole description was deduced by Austrian physicist franm in 1916 based on Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

In 1930, Einstein and Rosen launched a mathematical monster “Einstein Rosen bridge”. Scientists assumed that the four-dimensional space-time would be bent to make these two points close, and there was another space-time tunnel at these two points, which could make people transfer space or time instantaneously.

The narrow tunnel connecting these two different time and space is the Einstein Rosen bridge, also known as wormhole. The two-dimensional wormhole is a point, while the four-dimensional wormhole is a ball, which can freely locate the coordinates of time and space, and travel time and space.

As long as you find this channel in the universe, you can cross the future, but wormhole is not very stable. You can’t decide where to send it.

3、 Gravitational wave

When we watch science fiction movies, we may see astronauts driving their spaceships back to the past. In fact, they use gravitational waves to travel through time and space. How do gravitational waves travel through space?

According to Einstein’s general theory of relativity, we know that space-time can be curved. If two super massive objects rotate each other, the curved space-time around them will continue to stretch and contract, that is, produce gravitational waves.

Because of this, gravitational waves are often called ripples of space-time. Gravitational waves can travel through space-time by folding space-time.

4、 Speed of light

If we can build a spaceship whose speed is close to the speed of light, then the spaceship will surely slow down the time in the cabin because it cannot violate the law of the fastest speed of light. Astronauts fly in this way for a week, and 100 years have passed on the earth, thus realizing the journey to the future.

Stephen Hawking, a famous British physicist, once published an article in the daily mail, saying that the journey of time is feasible in theory, and mankind can open the door to the past and the shortcut to the future. But at the same time, he warned against using the time machine to go back to the past, because it would lead to a violation of basic causality.

If you can cross into the future, what do you want to do? Welcome to comment area.

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