Friends want to change the way to eat, the coke to cook, eat the mouth of the moment startled this scene

A friend of mine saw a foreign man cooking coke to challenge himself, so he thought about whether he would challenge himself and try what it was like to eat coke while cooking.

Just do what you say. My friend went to buy some chicken wings and a bottle of coke. When he got home and set up a pot, he first poured a large amount of coke into the pot, put in chicken wings, and then boiled it with high heat, and then continued to cook it with low heat. The coke gradually became thick and looked like syrup. Is this edible?

My friend hesitated and decided to taste it in person. He took a spoon and put it in his mouth. At first, it was nothing. But suddenly, my friend felt the expression of the foreign man himself. After cooking, the coke did not taste as delicious as we thought, but became very sticky.

Coke stuck to my friend’s teeth and lips, but my friend was very careful. At the beginning, he only used a small spoon to import it. Although the teeth, lips and tongue were all stuck, there was no ferocious expression that foreign men could not love, but my friend also felt bad. He took a lot of effort to clean his mouth and tried again. How terrible!

Do you dare to try to cook coke? If you dare, it shows that you really have the spirit of dedication to “food”.

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