From 1957 to 2006, scientists found the recording, which may prove it!

In many sci-fi movies, we can see the passage of time and space, and there is also a saying in the scientific community that if the speed of an object exceeds the speed of light, then time travel can be realized. Many people think that there is no way to achieve it in the real world, but there are many so-called walkers on the Internet. Most of these so-called walkers are mystifying, and there is no evidence to prove it.

But there was such a crossing event in history, when a man from the Soviet Union crossed from 1957 to 2006. This little Soviet guy is Sergei. In April 2006, a man appeared on the street of Kiev, Ukraine. He was wearing old Soviet clothes and holding an antique camera. He looked at the crowd in the street with a puzzled face. At that time, the police also noticed him and asked him. He claimed that his name was Sergey. He was just taking a picture with his girlfriend when a huge UFO appeared on his head. When he picked up the camera to take a picture, the UFO gave off a strong light. When he reacted, he had already arrived at this place.

Sergey’s papers

The police think it’s just Sergey talking nonsense. Is he a patient who ran out of the mental hospital? So the police asked Sergey to take out his certificate. He was shocked when he saw that the certificate was the police’s. The certificate he took out turned out to be the Soviet identity document that had been eliminated for a long time. This certificate proved that Sergey was born in 1932 and was 75 years old at that time, but Sergey was just a young man in his 20s. This phenomenon shocked the police very much. Did the young man really come through?

Six pieces of evidence

Although it has been 14 years since the incident, many UFO enthusiasts have sorted out the incident again. Many people think that Sergei may be the most credible passer-by in history. In order to verify their claims, they have also produced conclusive evidence. The first evidence is Sergei’s ID card and camera, which is the same style as the Soviet Union in 1957.

The second evidence is the so-called UFO. He said that he was taking photos with his girlfriend when a huge unidentified object appeared in the sky. In 2006, the police also re developed the film in Sergey’s camera. When they looked through these photos, they found that a huge unidentified object appeared in the sky. The building in the photo was similar to Kiev street in 1957 The scenery is also very similar. The third evidence is that after Sergey was put into a mental hospital, psychologists observed him. During the observation, many strange phenomena occurred in the room, and the clock on the wall often stopped rotating, just like falling into a special magnetic field.

The fourth evidence is that Sergei disappeared in a closed room two days after he was put into a mental hospital. Through investigation and monitoring, it was found that no one had ever been in or out of Sergei’s room. This phenomenon can’t be explained. When Sergey disappeared, the police are still investigating him. They found his girlfriend who should have taken photos with him. Now he is 75 years old. The grandmother still keeps the photos of Sergey when she was young. After identification, the police found that this is Sergey.

Granny said that he and Sergey were taking photos on the street that day, but he suddenly disappeared and reappeared a few minutes later. He told himself that he had gone to the future. Granny did not believe it at that time. This is the fifth evidence. The sixth evidence is the radio recording captured by the police. This radio recording appeared in 1960. A man named Sergey claimed that he had gone to the future world and saw a lot of high technology. All this evidence seems to show that Sergei is a real passer-by. But the police could find Sergei’s 75 year old girlfriend, but they didn’t find Sergei. Granny said Sergey mysteriously disappeared in 1970 and never showed up again. Later, Sergey once sent her a postcard. He told her that he had gone to Kiev in 2050, and he also attached a photo. Many people think that this photo is synthetic. What do you think?

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