From 2030, the “traverser” made a forecast for the future, and also produced “evidence”!

There are nine times out of ten that life is not as good as your will. Life is destined to be full of regrets. Many people want to have the ability to travel through time and space. In our opinion, time and space travel is a bridge that only appears in movies and TV plays. Many scientists believe that space-time can be distorted. If human beings can find wormholes, then they can realize space-time crossing. Theoretically, is space-time crossing really feasible?

Noah’s prophecy

On the Internet, there’s a passer-by who claims to be from 2030. His name is Noah Novak. When he first appeared on the Internet, he claimed to netizens that he was from 2030. At that time, many people questioned him, but Noah provided evidence. He tied a polygraph device to his left arm, and there was no abnormality in the whole process, which means Noah didn’t lie. After seeing this phenomenon, netizens gradually trusted Noah and began to ask him questions. Netizens asked Noah what the world would be like in 2030, and Noah described it. He claims that in the future, driverless technology and artificial intelligence have achieved major breakthroughs. Human beings have also broken through the obstacles of distance and speed, and realized the dream of Star Trek.

After hearing Noah’s prophecy, many people think that his prophecy is not outstanding. According to the current level of science and technology, driverless technology and artificial intelligence have been firmly established. Today, science has been greatly promoted, and human space industry is advancing by leaps and bounds. It will not take long for human beings to realize the space dream. So netizens think that Noah’s prediction has no scientific basis at all, it’s just an analysis of the future according to the current development trend.

Noah’s “evidence”

But in the face of netizens’ query, Noah took out a newspaper from 2030, which was all written in Japanese. In addition, he found himself in the future. It’s just that Noah in the future has a big stomach. In the whole process, he mosaic his face and change his voice. He didn’t divulge too much personal information. He claimed that after he made too many predictions about the future, he divulged secrets and was likely to be in danger.

Despite Noah’s vows in the whole process, many netizens still think that what he said has no scientific basis. Noah claimed that he was crossing from the future to the past. Theoretically speaking, it is a kind of reverse space-time crossing, which can not be realized at all. Einstein believed that time can only move forward, but not backward. If Noah really came back from the future, then in the real world, we should find Noah who was 10 years ago. In fact, Noah did not do so. Maybe Noah was afraid that people would expose his lies and deliberately evade.

Many scientists believe that the parallel universe is real, but at the current level of science and technology, we have not been able to find another universe. If Noah really crossed from 2030 to the present, can human beings find the parallel universe in a short period of ten years? The reality is really tough, so there are still many loopholes in Noah’s words. Maybe the time and space traverser has never appeared. I don’t know what people think?

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