From a touch of green to “blood red”, to see the Antarctic behind the scenes, scientists are silent!

It’s supposed to be a happy thing to see the magnificent spectacle in Antarctica, but scientists can’t hide their melancholy!

The earth is running all the time, and there is a mysterious force supporting it. It breeds countless creatures, but also provides sufficient resources to have a vibrant appearance. Every place on the earth has its own unique style, such as towering mountains and clear rivers, which are places that human beings actively explore. I do not know when, the earth is quietly changing, especially the great changes in the north and south poles.

In our impression, the temperature of the north and south poles is too low for human beings to survive here, which can be regarded as the two extremes of the earth. But now the ecosystem of the two regions is in an unbalanced state. How is this caused? There is no doubt that it is inextricably linked with environmental warming. High temperature has triggered a series of chain reactions. The original snow covered area has melted instantly, many creatures have become homeless, and there are ice lakes that have not been seen for many years. Many people in coastal areas have been affected. It’s supposed to be a happy thing to see the magnificent spectacle in Antarctica, but scientists can’t hide their melancholy!

What does the Antarctic temperature rise have to do with?

When some researchers studied Antarctica, they found that the temperature in Antarctica has exceeded 20 degrees Celsius, a record high. Antarctica is mainly located at the extreme point of the southern hemisphere. It is the coldest place on the earth. Even in summer, its temperature will not exceed 50 degrees centigrade, but now it once reached 20 degrees centigrade. All these are the hazards caused by global warming.

Scientists thought that the temperature rise was over, but they didn’t expect anything more terrible. They were surprised to find a touch of green in Antarctica. According to the truth, green means the beginning of life, but scientists frown. What’s the matter? It is understood that the original appearance of green is not a kind of plant or animal, but a kind of algae. Due to the great change of Antarctic temperature, the propagation speed of algae is accelerated. When it absorbs carbon dioxide, it will continue to emit carbon dioxide, falling into a dead cycle, resulting in a large number of melting glaciers in the north and south poles.

Scientists find out why Antarctica turns red

What’s more incredible is that there is a kind of cell in this kind of algae that can resist the ultraviolet radiation. When the ultraviolet radiation irradiates it, it will turn bright red, just like a large number of animals died in this area. It looks very disturbing. Algae reproduction is uncontrollable, which leads to unprecedented changes in the Antarctic ecology. Everything implies that it is time for human beings to protect the environment. If we continue to do so, we will face greater disasters. Everything is related to human development.

Global warming can be adjusted slowly. If there is a bigger disaster, it will be too late to regret. Since entering 2020, we have encountered all kinds of disasters. These disasters have sounded the alarm for mankind. We should not destroy nature, but also take care of the earth. We are integrated with the earth and nature. We should not act excessively for our own selfish desires, not just for ourselves, but for the whole earth. What do you think when you see this phenomenon in Antarctica? You can leave a message for interaction.

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