From birth to death can remember the memory, suffering from hypermnesia, how desperate!

From birth to death can remember the memory, suffering from hypermnesia, how desperate!

Since birth, everyone has the unique advantage of heaven, that is the brain. Brain is the most important organ in human body. It can not only think about problems, but also produce consciousness. Whether working or learning, it needs to consume a certain amount of brain capacity. Life will always meet some memory super good people, have the ability to never forget. However, no matter how good the memory is, with the precipitation of time, it will also forget the context of something and become blurred.

What is the reaction of patients with hypermnesia?

According to scientific research, some people are different. They have super strong memory. All memories from birth to death can be clearly recorded, which is hypermnesia. People with hypermnesia can only live in pain. Why on earth? The medical symptoms of these people are extremely rare. Their initial performance is non selective memory. Any memory will come to mind. They remember things through the left frontal lobe and the posterior head area behind the brain. All the memories are stored in the subconscious and can’t choose by themselves. From birth to death can remember the memory, suffering from hypermnesia, how desperate!

This is better than the ability of people who never forget. People who never forget will forget after a period of time, and they will never forget. So when they encounter any painful things, they will always remember, leaving a shadow in their life. They can’t forget the sad and painful experience, and they can remember every detail in their life. They hate this symptom. According to relevant statistics, in the global population of billions, only 60 people suffer from this symptom, just say a keyword, they can accurately extract fragments from the brain.

Specific manifestations of patients with hypermnesia

There was once a patient with hypermnesia. He was orelian Hyman. During the interview, he described that he could clearly record every meal he had eaten, every piece of clothing he had worn, and even the appearance of strangers he met on the road. They could not control their memory of things. It seemed that they had marked the time and date, and they could clearly remember them as long as they moved their brains.

Although this kind of ability is extremely rare, their learning ability is similar to that of normal people. This kind of disease can make people feel painful, and it is not good for nothing. Under normal circumstances, the white matter in the front of the brain of patients with hypermnesia is very healthy, which is of great help to cure Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists are trying to study the internal structure of the brain in patients with hypermnesia. If we can make a breakthrough, people with Alzheimer’s disease may be saved in the future.

The brain is the most special organ in everyone’s body. It helps us store memory and think about problems. Although there are some special people in life, they also have their own troubles. Although they can remember all the memories, they have lost their happiness in the past. People’s life is very short, and they should live happily without burden. Only in this way can they have more meaning. Scientists also sympathize with this special group. What’s your understanding of hypermnesia? You can leave a message for interaction.

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