From the real experience shared by the fans, the whole year of 2000 passed in my sleep in 1994

In the article “you and I all have this kind of super power, but we don’t care about it. You can predict the future with a little research”, Xiaobian had the honor to meet such a netizen in the comment area, and shared with Xiaobian his real experience of crossing the whole year of 2000 in a dream in 1994

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This netizen didn’t know it at first. He just thought it was an ordinary dream, but it wasn’t until 2000 that he found it was not as simple as a dream at all.

It was on the afternoon of May 15, 2000, when I happened to be in the university dormitory for a moment, I suddenly felt that everything was so familiar, and this familiarity lasted until the beginning of 2001. Most of us usually have this kind of sense of sight, it seems that it is just a simple moment, but this netizen, but it lasted for a year, so he said, “that year, I really felt tired, what happened around me will immediately know what will happen next, but I can’t change it.”

Thanks to this netizen, he wrote down these strange names in his notebook after that wake-up. However, he did not remember whether it was a dream or several dreams together because of the long time.

The national strength of Shaanxi and Chen Shuibian all happened in 2000, but he had a dream as early as 1994.

Of course, this feeling doesn’t last forever. Just like in Charlotte’s troubles, Charlotte has gone through a whole life in her dream, but it doesn’t happen all the time. But intermittently, only experienced those important. This netizen is the same, mostly just a moment of experience.

This netizen’s explanation of “deja vu” is also more scientific. It seems that after experiencing these things, he has not little access to scientific data. It’s true that many people have this feeling, but who has experienced such a long time like him?

Special thanks for the experience provided by “blue science”. WeChat official account: newweiworld

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