From Yichang, Hubei, who left these “oldest footprints on the earth”?

Footprints, like shadows, appear at any time in the road we walk through. In TV dramas and news reports, often, the fierce police uncle can deduce the height, weight, figure and posture of the suspect by collecting the footprints left by suspects, and sometimes even deduce the identity and work of suspects. Small footprints can get so much useful information that we can’t help but wonder.

Today we are going to learn about two special footprints.

The first footprint on the moon

Su’e looks at each other like a wave, and wants to drive her chariot to the Moon Palace. Landing on the moon is a dream that people have been longing for and working hard for for for thousands of years. But if we want to uncover the mystery of the moon, the difficult and dangerous road of mankind has just begun. So far, according to statistics, with the unremitting efforts of all countries in the world, the record of human attempts to explore the moon has reached 126 times. Unfortunately, the success rate is less than 50%.

Half a century ago, going to the moon was a dream that sounded very far away. Although on April 12, 1961, former Soviet cosmonaut Gagarin had risked the risk of being in space to rush out of the earth for the first time, which represented the first time that all mankind had seen the whole picture of the earth from the outside.

Another hero who left a lot of color in the history of the moon landing is Neil Armstrong, the hero we are going to talk about today.

On July 16, 1969, “Apollo 11” was awakened from deep sleep, carrying three selected and hard trained astronauts, Armstrong, Collins and aldrin, from the Kennedy launch center on Merritt Island on the east coast of Florida in the east of the United States, rushing into space, starting a journey of unknown destiny.

At 18:11 on July 20, the spacecraft carrying three astronauts successfully entered the lunar orbit. After entering the lunar orbit, the astronauts carefully observed everything in the spacecraft, waiting for the command center’s order; soon, they identified the planned landing point. After winning the approval of the ground headquarters, Armstrong and Collins transferred from the command module to the lunar module. After adjusting the separation of the lunar module and the command module, the two astronauts piloted the lunar module to the moon The ball’s surface. Aldrin stayed in the command module to deal with emergencies and was ready to return to earth alone.

Armstrong and Collins are driving the lunar module to land, but there is a harsh alarm “1202” in their ears, which is a computer program alarm! Stop exploring the moon? Or risk your life to continue landing? For a moment, the question lingered in everyone’s mind. After a quiet silence, the Houston ground command group decided to continue the operation. Armstrong and Collins continued to approach the surface of the moon. The spacecraft slowed down and descended smoothly. At the same time that everyone was relieved, another heartwarming alarm sounded, and everyone held their breath. The order given by Houston is still the follow-up In the next four minutes, the lunar module sent out five alarms, which meant that the guidance computer on Apollo 11 crashed five times.

At Houston ground command center, aldrin in the command module was waiting quietly. Armstrong took over the manual control of the lunar module, drove the lunar module across a huge crater and landed 6.4km away from the scheduled location.

“This is a small step for me and a big step for all mankind!” After six hours of preparation, Armstrong opened the door of the lunar module, held the steps of the lunar module, and walked down slowly. With the attention of 10000 people around the world, he stepped on the surface of the moon, leaving the first footprints of all mankind on the moon!

The first footprint on earth

Armstrong left his first footprint on the moon, which is a well-known fact. Do you know who left his first footprint on the earth? Is it a dinosaur? Is it a mammoth? None of them! It’s a little reptile!

On June 6, 2020, an exciting article was published in progress in science, a sub Journal of American science magazine. The article mainly reports the new discovery of Chinese and American scientists – the oldest fossil footprint known in the world!

The fossil was found in the Ediacaran strata near the Three Gorges Dam in Yichang, Hubei Province, southern China. This is an ancient fossil from 551-541 million years ago!

First, let’s understand the Ediacaran strata in the Three Gorges. If we look at the vertical section of the earth, the stratum is like the rings left on the tree after the tree is cut down. Every time a new crustal movement occurs, a new layer of sediment will be left on the original ground. As time goes on, the old sediment will be buried by the new sediment, and the old sediment will not mix with the new sediment, but form itself Relatively hard rock strata, which is what we call strata.

The last period of Proterozoic (635-541 million years ago) is called Sinian, also known as Ediacaran. It is the time when the earliest known animal fossils appeared.

Next, let’s see what this “Crawler” is. This fossil is a “footprints fossil”, which is different from the footprints fossil depicting a single footprints. The footprints on this kind of footprints fossil are continuous and directional. According to the researcher of Nanjing Institute of Geology and paleontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, they speculated that this trace fossil might be arthropod or Annelida, similar to the common shrimp, horse land and other animals in our life.

The small animal in the fossil has already possessed appendages, which may be four or six pairs, and its body length has reached the centimeter level. According to the traces left on the fossil, this small animal’s action has been very complicated. It gets into the cave and climbs out of the cave

The first footprint of the moon symbolizes the exploration of the universe, the unknown and the future. The discovery of the first footprint on the earth represents the exploration of the earth, the past and the origin. The reason why human beings can occupy a dominant position in the biosphere of the earth is inseparable from the spirit and practical action of human beings’ continuous exploration and tracing. More than 400000 people worked hard to realize the Apollo program and took the first step in exploring the moon. Combined with the research of geologists and paleontologists in China and the United States, we can understand the ups and downs of that fossil. Human science and technology will never stop with exploration and research!

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