Ghost island’s reappearance and disappearance, geologist: Japan may encounter the same fate

When it comes to ghost island, people’s first reaction must be to be as erratic as ghosts. Under the witness of countless navigators, Ghost Island mysteriously appears, then becomes smaller, finally sinks to the bottom, and will appear in another place one day. So far, scientists have no clear explanation for this mysterious and strange phenomenon.

Ghost Island: recurring and disappearing

According to historical records, ghost island was 49 meters above sea level in 1890, and it sank 7 meters underwater in 1898. In December 1967, Ghost Island surfaced again, but in 1968, it disappeared again. In June 1979, Ghost Island reappeared. This island has appeared many times, disappeared many times, and is changeable. It appears and disappears at sea like a ghost, so it is called “Ghost Island”.

Ghost Island mysteriously appears and disappears, Japan will encounter the fate of disappearance

In the Aegean Sea near the santorin islands, Iceland, Aleutian Islands, Tonga Trench, has repeatedly found “Ghost Island.”. Scientists have shown that ghost island is a trick performed by submarine volcanoes: volcanoes erupt, a large amount of lava accumulates, and islands are formed after the volcano stops its activity. After a period of time, the islands sink, erode and disappear under the sea.

The discovery of British captain Julius

People in the West are keen on sailing, and the process of sailing has always been strange and changeable. In 1707, the British captain Julius found the land on the horizon of the northern Spitsbergen islands, but the ghost island was never accessible, but it was certainly not an optical illusion, so he marked the land on the map.

Two hundred years later, Admiral maklov and his team, who traveled to the Arctic on the yeermak icebreaker, once again discovered Ghost Island, the place Julius had seen. Walsley, a navigator, also discovered the outline of the island when he passed through the area in 1925. But when scientists visited the area before 1928, they found no islands.

The discovery of the British explorer dexterstie

A similar incident occurred in the northern Atlantic. British explorer dexterstie discovered an island rich in seals more than 100 years ago, and the island was named dexterstie island. A large number of hunters came to the seal rich island and built shipyards and camps, but the island suddenly disappeared in the summer of 1954, along with the people on it. A large number of reconnaissance planes and ships came to search, but there was no result.

Eight months later, when an American submarine was patrolling in the North Atlantic, it suddenly found an island in the channel, which could not be seen on the nautical chart. The captain of the submarine, Colonel rocto, often sails in the sea area of this area. He was shocked when he found the island. Through his periscope, he found that the island was inhabited and there was cooking smoke, so he ordered the submarine to land on the shore. Only after asking the islanders did they know that this is the island of dekersti, which disappeared eight months ago.

The formation of Ghost Island

Professor Henry gorol, an American marine geologist, believes that the foundation of “Ghost Island” in the ocean is granite, not sediment. It has been formed for a long time. The vegetation and animal communities on the island are luxuriant and turbulent, which can not be broken by the impact of the undercurrent. But why did Ghost Island suddenly disappear and then reappear?

In his view, the sea area where ghost island appears is the area where earthquakes frequently occur. Strong tsunamis and earthquakes submerge them on the seabed. Professor gorol also believes that if there is a strong earthquake in the undersea plate of the Northwest Pacific Ocean, Japan’s local island and Kyushu will also suffer the same fate as “Ghost Island”, and will sink into the vast expanse of blue water, and he does not think that he is listening to dangerous words.

If what this marine geologist said is true, then Japan may really repeat the fate of Ghost Island!

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