Giant caves in Antarctica? It’s the size of California. Is it alien?

Antarctica is the last uninhabited land for human beings. It is precisely because the environment is so bad that human beings have not yet seen the complete face of the Antarctic continent. Therefore, human beings also use satellites to observe the face of Antarctica. According to the data of satellite maps, two huge mysterious caves once appeared on the white ice surface of Antarctica. These two mysterious caves did not appear at the same time, but they appeared in very similar places. What is the reason for this?

Mysterious caves in Antarctica

One of the caves was discovered in 1973. This time, the size of the mysterious cave is equal to that of California. From 1973 to 1976, the cave remained on the surface of the Antarctic, but for some unknown reason, it suddenly disappeared. In 2017, the mysterious cave reappeared, only this time with an area of only 80000 square kilometers. At first, many conspiracy theorists believed that this mysterious cave was not formed naturally, otherwise it would not disappear and reappear. They think that there may be aliens in Antarctica. This mysterious cave is actually an alien test base.

In our opinion, there is no scientific basis for these claims. When scientists studied the cave, they found that the cave is not a base for aliens and unknown creatures at all, but an open water surrounded by sea ice. However, according to satellite images, the color difference is too big, so people would think that the black area in the middle is a cave Although this is only a normal natural phenomenon, it is also very strange to see a giant hole in the South Pole. Why is there a huge hole of 100000 kilometers on the calm ice?

How did the giant cave form?

Meteorologists also studied this phenomenon. After they counted the data of the 1970s, they found that the reason for the formation of the Antarctic giant hole may be related to the atmosphere and atmosphere. In fact, the atmosphere and the huge rivers in the air are also the main factors determining the global extreme precipitation. When the warm and humid air, with the movement of the atmosphere and water, enters the Antarctic region, it will definitely trigger a series of reactions. At this time, the sea ice will begin to melt, thus forming the situation photographed by the satellite.

At the coldest time in Antarctica, the atmosphere and the sea ice area it passes through will melt almost immediately. This phenomenon is also shocking. But it also shows the magic of nature. The reason why there is a huge hot hole in the cold South Pole has not been answered so far. Maybe in the future, human beings will be able to really understand this problem.

However, it can not be ignored that with the increase of giant holes, it means that the global climate is also changing. Now the global temperature continues to rise. Maybe in the future, there will be more and more such giant holes, and ultimately it can only be paid by human beings.

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