Global high temperature spread everywhere, heat wave swept many places, the earth scene out of control, is there any help?

Global high temperature spread everywhere, heat wave swept many places, the earth scene out of control, is there any help?

Human beings have lived on the earth for quite a long time. They know more or less about the earth. Its life span is as long as 4.6 billion years. Before that, there were many ice ages, which led to the extinction of species. After a period of time, new species emerged. It’s amazing to see the earth’s metamorphosis again and again. With the passage of time, the earth’s environment has changed dramatically.

In the past history, the earth has experienced the baptism of heavy rain and high temperature, and has survived again and again to form today’s earth. However, human beings still do not cherish what they have, which makes the earth miserable. Today, the most intuitive change is the Siberian region of the Arctic circle. Not only does the temperature reach a new high of 38 degrees, but it seems that many ancient creatures see the sky again They’re warning people. Global high temperature spread everywhere, heat wave swept many places, the earth scene out of control, is there any help?

What is the current situation of the earth’s environment?

According to people’s impression, the north and south poles belong to the extremely cold zone. The temperature is low all the year round and they are not suitable for human beings to live in. Generally, the creatures living here have strong adaptability, and even the explorers dare not stay here for long. This time, Siberia’s abnormal situation caught people off guard. According to scientists, Siberia has a heat wave every 80000 years, but this year is the hottest. Not only in Siberia, but all over the country, the high temperature spread everywhere. The outbreak of wildfires once made the scene out of control. Many people share the same feeling. Billions of years ago, the temperature on the earth was not so high. In summer, the temperature could reach about 30 degrees at most.

Now it’s totally different. The average temperature in Northeast China has reached more than 30 degrees Celsius, which has become a kind of normalization. The chain reaction caused by global warming makes the earth stand on the edge of the abyss. If you push it again, it will fall into the bottomless abyss. With the coming of heat wave and high temperature, natural disasters on the earth also emerge one after another, such as locust plague, mountain fire, sea level rise and so on, which are all related to climate warming.

How to curb global warming?

A few days ago, the United States ushered in a raging fire, the situation is no less than Australia’s mountain fire, is spreading everywhere, there is no sign of extinction. In response to the problem of global warming, scientists racked their brains, but also did not come up with an effective response. 2020 is the hottest year in history. With the power of human beings, global warming cannot be controlled and can only be alleviated appropriately. In the next five years, the temperature on the earth is likely to be constantly refreshed, and human beings will have to go through the most difficult years. To control the problem of global warming, it depends on human performance.

If human beings can reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and methane and plant more trees, maybe this problem can be alleviated. If we use environmental protection and new energy to stop the emission of these toxic gases, there is still a great possibility that the earth will return to health. According to the current trend, it is totally impossible not to emit carbon dioxide and methane. This is a long way to go. Human beings need to stick to it, start from now on, pay attention to the protection of the earth’s environment, and stop making mother earth cry. What do you think of the current situation facing the earth? You can leave a message for interaction.

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