Global temperature continues to rise, sea level or rise 66 meters, these cities in China or submerged!

Although the ocean is the place where life is bred, human beings still have a reverence for the ocean. We are very small in front of the ocean and can not conquer the ocean since ancient times. As the global temperature continues to rise, scientists have repeatedly claimed that the sea level has risen by 10 cm to 20 cm in the past 100 years. In the future, if the sea level rises faster, many cities will be submerged, including China. At that time, which cities in China will be inundated?

The situation of the earth’s environment

American scientists have drawn a dynamic map, which shows the melting of glaciers. According to the simulation results, if the global sea level rises by 66 meters, many islands in the ocean will be submerged, and many coastal cities will disappear on the surface. Since 1986, the global average temperature has continued to rise, and by 2010, the global sea level has also increased by at least 2.3 mm.

Especially in recent years, the melting of glaciers has become more and more obvious. In 2020, the last complete ice shelf in the Arctic has collapsed. Although the Antarctic is the last ownerless place, its temperature has also exceeded 20 ℃. With the increase of global temperature, the more heat the ocean absorbs, which will lead to the overall thermal expansion of the ocean. So many coastal countries will be engulfed by the sea. At that time, which cities in our Congress will face such an outcome?

Which cities will be flooded?

First of all, I would like to tell you that sea level rise of 66 meters is the most extreme guess. Only when all the glaciers on the earth melt will this happen. If this extreme situation occurs, it means that many cities will not be avoided, because most cities are below 60 meters above sea level. According to the situation in China, many coastal cities bear the brunt. Even many inland cities, such as Fuzhou and guangxinanning in Fujian Province, Qingdao in Shandong Province and Dalian in Liaoning Province, can not be avoided even though the sea level is above 60 meters .

Coastal cities play an important role in China’s economic development, which is also an important pillar of China’s economic development. If these economic supports disappear, China’s economy will be greatly damaged. Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, the international metropolises, are likely to submerge the sea floor.

Even if many people survive, many crops are damaged by floods, and human beings will face food crisis. Although such an outcome is far away from us, we can’t take it lightly. Only by protecting the environment and controlling the emission of greenhouse gases from now on can we reduce the burden for our future generations, and human civilization can develop in a longer term. What do you think?

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