Global warming will stop and the earth will start to cool down. Will the earth be extremely cold in 30 years?

Since the emergence of human beings, the relationship with nature is closely linked, inseparable, no matter what changes in nature, human beings will be affected by it.

Human beings have a heart keen to explore and discover the unknown, but this heart is also very greedy. Because human beings destroy the earth’s environment endlessly, there are more and more problems on the earth.

In the 20th century, the phenomenon of global warming appeared, and the carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere increased continuously, which became the culprit of “greenhouse effect”. After that, people improved the environment by mending the dead sheep. Only then did they have a little effect. Now, the earth is getting cold again. Just as scientists say: what should not come or what should?

While the “greenhouse effect” has not been completely improved, scientists have found another possible problem, which is no less serious than the “greenhouse effect”, and may also bring great opportunities to human beings and the earth.

American scientists have found that in the next few decades, the earth will appear “Little Ice Age” phenomenon.

Solar activity is as regular as our heartbeat. The researchers observed and recorded the solar activity cycle through precise instruments, and found the exact time of the minimum solar activity.

By 2050, the earth will enter the “Little Ice Age”, the global temperature will no longer show an upward trend, but will drop rapidly, the winter will become particularly long, and the sun will become particularly cold, even to the point that it is extremely cold. What is the matter?

According to the further analysis of scientists, it is predicted that the sun will reach a strange “Mond minimum” in 2050, which is caused by the solar cycle.

What is the Mond minimum? This is a very weak period of solar activity from 1645 to 1715, which lasted for an incredible 70 years. At this time, it happened to be the little ice age of the earth. However, it is still uncertain whether the two are related.

In the future, whether the “Little Ice Age” will come as predicted by scientists remains to be studied. Here, some people may think that the cooling of the earth is a good thing.

In fact, the earth’s food production will be shortened by the time of cold in summer. Cold, temperate and plateau areas will also be covered by ice and snow, which is not conducive to human survival. If it’s more serious, the whole earth will be frozen. How can we survive?

We can’t control the movement of the sun, but we can control the action of human beings. The earth’s self-healing ability and nature’s self-healing ability are far less than the destructive power of human beings.

Even if, as scientists say, what should not have come is coming, and the earth is about to be destroyed, in any case, human beings should protect the earth well. We and the earth can be said to be “both prosperous and disadvantaged”. My friends, what do you think about the earth’s cooling and warming? Welcome to the comments section!

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