“Gold from heaven” in Japan late at night! How much is a meteorite worth? What kind of meteorite is the most valuable?

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“Will gold fall from the sky?” For this problem, it is estimated that many netizens have made fantasies. In our understanding, nothing for nothing will happen. However, in recent years, meteorites as “extraterrestrial visitors” have made many collectors windfall. The discovery of meteorite is of great help to all walks of life, such as aerospace industry, light industry, medical care and so on. Seven years ago, after the meteorite rain fell in Russia, the price of meteorites began to rise all the way, followed by the Yunnan meteorite incident in China, which was also very hot. Even in some developed countries in Europe, there are meteorite collection and trading markets, and many rich people regard the collection of meteorites as a symbol of their status.

The picture shows the meteorite trading site

Meteorite is very precious. Which kind of meteorite has more collection value?


There are many kinds of meteorites. In the identification and analysis of meteorites, scientists mainly divide meteorites into stone meteorites, iron meteorites, glass meteorites, stone iron meteorites (excluding subclasses), etc. Which kind of stone is a meteorite, how to distinguish it?

For us ordinary people, it is very difficult to distinguish meteorite from many ordinary stones, because it looks no different from ordinary stones, but it is very easy for scientists to distinguish meteorite. Judging from the texture and elements of the earth’s rocks, scientists will find that under normal circumstances, no matter what kind of meteorite, it will become particularly clean as long as it has experienced the process of falling from outer space. And the earth’s ordinary stones contain more than five kinds of elements, or even more than a dozen kinds, but meteorites contain at most five kinds of elements, and most of the elements are between five and three kinds of elements. Nowadays, the more uneven and bizarre the shape of meteorites, the more precious they are. After all, they are uncommon meteorites in the world.

This is a glass meteorite

1. Glass meteorite

Generally speaking, the price of meteorites has been rising in recent years. In the antique collection market, the price of some ordinary glass meteorites can exceed US $850 per gram, and the price of glass meteorites is also higher. It can help scientists to explore the universe more deeply. It can be said that the research value of glass meteorites is very high.


The picture shows the moon meteorite

2. Lunar meteorites are more expensive than gold

In addition to the glass meteorite, the price of lunar meteorite is dozens or even hundreds of times higher than that of it. Lunar meteorite is a kind of achromite, and its types are different in different positions of the moon matrix. Lunar meteorite can be divided into three types: Lunar highland anorthosite, lunar sea basaltic rock, lunar sea jinghaiite and migmatite. These three kinds of meteorites all come from the highland of the moon, the sea of the moon, and the junction of the highland and the sea of the moon. Scientists can deeply analyze the moon according to the lunar meteorite, and judge the direction of the meteorite falling off in the moon. The discovery of lunar meteorite provides important research value for scientists.

Some netizens can’t help asking, “is it easy to find lunar meteorites in China?” Although it is not a fabulous thing, the lunar meteorite is also a rare treasure in China. Its price per gram is more than 10000 yuan, which is much more expensive than gold. In other words, this kind of meteorite is expensive.


The picture shows the Martian meteorite

3. Martian meteorites are also expensive

In the field of meteorite collection, in addition to lunar meteorite, Martian meteorite also has a high status. There are very few volcanic meteorites in the world, and their value is also very high. Martian meteorites are rich in iron and nickel, and their price is more than $2000 per gram, at least 30 times that of gold. At the same time, scientists have also made in-depth analysis of Martian meteorites. In addition to rich iron and nickel metals, they also contain microfossils of primitive life. Scientists have set off an upsurge in the study of Mars and refined the microfossils in Martian meteorites. They found that the composition of the interior is carbonaceous chondrite, which is rich in organic carbon, which is also regarded as the first step in the origin of life, To raise the value of Martian meteorites again.

Generally speaking, meteorites are very difficult to find after they fall into the earth. They are very similar to the earth’s rocks and have a low degree of recognition. Even experienced meteorite collectors can only find one meteorite for several years. In terms of quantity, the rarity is the most precious thing, which is probably meteorites.

The picture shows a crater in Arizona


Where do meteorites fall? Where is the easiest place to find a meteorite?

In the blue earth where we live, in addition to land, basically two-thirds of the area is the ocean, so the ocean is also the place where meteorites fall most, but unlike land, the ocean can keep meteorites intact. Long term immersion in the sea, the meteorite will also be corroded. It can be seen that the ocean is not the easiest place to preserve meteorites. In Antarctica and Arctic, due to its special geographical location, meteorites often fall here, including some desert areas. At present, most meteorites in the world will appear in these places. This kind of zone with special geographical location and environment is also called hell, which is a paradise for many meteorite lovers.

Relevant experts have made statistics on meteorite falls in the past half century. In the world, there are about 721 meteorite falls every year on average. In the 1970s and 1980s, the number of meteorite falls is the most. This is only the complete data recorded by the international meteorite society. In addition, some small meteorite falls, such as falling into the ocean or no man’s land, are not unified It’s on the record. However, in the northwest and central part of China, meteorites fall most frequently, and in Xinjiang, nearly half of the total meteorites fall most frequently. In addition, several meteorite falls have occurred in Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu, Guangxi and Qinghai.

So, among all the falling meteorites, is there the largest one? In the long-term study of meteorite fall, scientists found a meteorite named “HOBA”, which is the largest meteorite so far. The fall site is in the Republic of Namibia, Africa. Although the whole meteorite looks small on the surface, only six square meters, but its mass is the largest existing meteorite among human beings, weighing 60 tons. Scientists predict that this mysterious meteorite has been buried in the earth for at least 80000 years, and has gone through vicissitudes. It contains rich precious metals, of which light iron accounts for 84%.


HOBA meteorite

Huge meteors across Japan – meteorites fall, more valuable than gold, bringing wealth to Japan

We already know that meteorites are more expensive than gold. Just after the news of a meteor falling in Japan came out, some netizens immediately called Japan “gold in the sky.”. According to relevant foreign media reports, at about 1:34 a.m. on November 29, a super large meteor appeared in the night sky of western Japan, and local astronomy enthusiasts photographed the meteorite falling. This meteorite is like a huge fireball. When it was about to land, it was suspected that an instant air explosion occurred, which made the whole night sky of Japan very bright.

The picture shows the moment of the Japanese meteor explosion

What kind of meteorite can explode instantly in the air? Although scientists did not give a specific explanation for this, many netizens speculated that the explosive meteorite that fell to Japan might be a lunar meteorite or a Martian meteorite. We have already introduced the value of meteorites to you at the beginning. If it is a lunar meteorite or a Martian meteorite, its market price is really more expensive than gold. If Japanese citizens can find the debris of this meteorite fall, it is equivalent to winning the grand prize. At least they will have no worries about food and clothing in the future.


Japan has a special geographical location, surrounded by the sea. It is a long and narrow island country with a relatively small territory. For Japan, the chance of meteorite landing is also very small. It is also unprecedented that a huge meteorite can fall this time. Japan has always been relatively scarce in resources compared with other countries, so the Japanese attach great importance to the protection of resources. Now they have encountered rare meteorite falling specimens, which is a very rare opportunity for Japanese scientists. After all, the circulation of meteorites in Japan is very small. Once they can find the place where the meteorite fell and find this huge meteorite, they will study Japan The universe provides important clues of value.

Japanese meteor video

Russia is a country with more meteorite falls, which has not yet been solved

Compared with Japan, Russia is very lucky, because it is a country with more meteorite falls. On February 15, 2013, a celestial body fall occurred in Chelyabinsk state, Russia. The meteorite was burned by friction when it passed through the atmosphere, and was punctured and exploded by mysterious objects. According to relevant historical records, the speed of the meteorite through the atmosphere is 54000 km / h. If the fastest speed of the human missile is no more than 5630 km / h, then the impact force of the meteorite is huge, and it is likely to contain high-density metals. However, Russian scientists have not made any explanation to the outside world. In addition to Russia, North America, such as Mexico and Canada are also countries with more meteorite falls. But why do meteorites prefer these countries? So far, scientists have not made a clear statement to find any evidence.


The picture shows the fall of the Russian meteorite on February 15

Extraterrestrial visitors, do you need to hand over meteorite to China?

Whether Martian meteorite, lunar meteorite or glass meteorite, they all have important research value. Meteorites can not only help scientists find the answer to explore the mysteries of the universe, but also help collectors get rich overnight. If the meteorite that landed in Japan this time can become a great fortune for Japan, does it need to be handed over to the state to pick up the meteorite in China?

The so-called “hand over the meteorite to the state” problem is still difficult to say, because according to the relevant provisions of our country, “the buried objects or hidden objects found in China belong to the state and need to be handed over to the state”, and the meteorite obviously does not belong to the buried objects or hidden objects, so theoretically, the ownership of meteorite in the current domestic legal provisions is still a blank.

Meteorite is a material outside the earth, and naturally it will not be owned by any government or individual on the earth. It can only be applied to the principle that whoever finds it first is who. It’s up to one’s luck whether one can pick up meteorites or not. It’s up to one’s own choice whether to hand them over to the state or to keep them in one’s own collection or even sell them at a high price. If the meteorite you find is of great research value, it is recommended to submit it to the state!


Whether meteorites will increase in value in the future is unpredictable, but I still hope that we can protect the natural ecological environment, return farmland to forests, and protect our common home “Earth”!

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