Grandparents and grandchildren witnessed UFO and burned their arms, which could not be cured for decades!

Since human beings entered the era of science and technology, they have been looking for aliens. Although we have tried many methods, we still haven’t found them. Most of these eyewitness events have no direct evidence, which has become an unsolved mystery in history.



If we want to say that the most real UFO witnessed the event, it must be Roswell in 1947. There are many witnesses to this incident, which has been widely discussed by human beings because of its strange color. Many people feel cold when they mention the Roswell incident. They are very shocked. According to historical records, a crashed spaceship appeared in the Roswell farm of the United States at that time, and many small alien bodies appeared near the spaceship. At that time, the farmer called the police and found government personnel. When these staff arrived, they immediately sealed off the scene and took the crashed spacecraft back. Until the end, the official did not summarize the Roswell incident, which is still complicated.

What’s going on over the United States?

Since then, such sightings have emerged in an endless stream. With the improvement of science and technology, we can search many photos and videos of UFOs on the Internet, and even record the movement process of UFOs completely. In the 1960s, an aircraft appeared over the United States, just over Pennsylvania. The aircraft was like a big fireball. At that time, dozens of people saw this phenomenon. However, the government blocked the incident and kept it secret. As a result, the outside world knew little about the fireball UFO. Fortunately, the fireball UFO did not cause harm to human beings Therefore, many people believe that aliens have no malice towards human beings and will not harm human beings.

Randram incident

But in fact, whether the UFO is an alien spaceship has not been decided, and the UFO will not always be friendly to human beings. I don’t know if you have heard of the randram incident in 1980. At that time, a silver glowing UFO passed through the forest. At that time, a pair of grandparents and grandchildren just witnessed this phenomenon. The UFO may have sensed human beings, so it gave off a strong light, which burned the skin of grandparents and grandchildren, leaving a very obvious scar on the arms.

What happened to witnesses

I thought it was just a common burn, but I didn’t expect it was far from over. Ten years later, although the grandparents and grandchildren had never seen a UFO again, their bodies had undergone serious changes. They have also gone to the hospital for examination, and they have no physical problems, but they often feel dizzy, even have diarrhea and pain. Even doctors couldn’t explain the important phenomenon, so they found scientists. After the scientists studied, they found that the scars on their arms were caused by intense radiation, and the symptoms of vomiting and dizziness were also the sequelae of radiation.

After seeing what happened to the grandparents and grandchildren, many people’s cognition of UFOs has also changed. Especially in recent years, there are more and more news about UFOs, but most of them are deceptions. Some people maliciously create some deceptions in order to get attention, which seriously interferes with the research direction of scientists. Of course, there have been UFO incidents officially recognized in history, that is, three pieces of alien video materials released by the United States this year. The speed of UFOs seen by pilots is extremely fast, which is beyond the reach of human science and technology.

Over the years, human beings have been looking for the figure of aliens, and science fiction films about aliens have emerged in endlessly. For us, aliens are no longer a strange word, but so far no one has seen their face, so many people do not know, if aliens really exist, what kind of attitude do they have towards human beings?

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