Greenland’s huge ice shelf is falling off, and Brazil is having a “black rain”. Will it be OK in 2020?

In our understanding, the Arctic is covered with ice and snow all the year round. It is a city of ice and snow. Since 2020, the global climate has undergone extreme changes, and the Arctic is facing a severe situation, which is quite different from decades ago. After the melting of glaciers, the collapse of the last ice shelf and the appearance of new islands, another bad news came.

The ice shelf covers an area of

one hundred and thirteen

square kilometre

Greenland has a huge ice sheet, covering an area of 113 square kilometers, which fell off on September 16. According to the latest scientific report, this huge ice shelf has fallen into the ocean. This ice shelf has been melting for 20 years since mankind entered the industrial age. The problems caused by the melting of ice sheet should not be ignored. It is because of the rising temperature of the earth that these ice shelves become thinner and thinner and eventually fall into the sea.

Records of the Northern Hemisphere

This year, the northern hemisphere has broken one record after another, not only the hottest summer in several years, but also the high temperature record of 38 degrees in the Arctic circle. Scientists say that although we don’t feel the earth’s temperature rising obviously, all the phenomena indicate a problem, that is, the earth is getting hotter and hotter, which has caused many problems, such as forest fires that have been burning up to now.

Arctic fire

In 2019, a forest fire broke out in Australia, which directly led to the displacement of hundreds of thousands of animals and a sharp decline in the number. I thought the fire was bad enough, but I didn’t expect that the earth didn’t stop burning, and there were fires in many areas. Not long before this summer, the Arctic, which has always been cold, was ravaged by a wildfire. The sky is full of dim smoke, and Siberia is completely hidden in it. According to the latest data, by the end of August, the wildfires in the Arctic had released 244 megatons of carbon dioxide, directly breaking the record of 2019.

Brazil’s “black rain”

In addition to the Arctic, the United States and Brazil also suffered from fires. Today, the fire in California has exceeded 10000 square kilometers, directly breaking the fire record in California. Scientists believe that the fire situation in the United States this year is more serious than before. The fire is still burning, and it may not stop until December. The American fire has not been put out, and Pakistan’s largest wetland has not escaped the fate of the fire. The spread area has reached 1 / 10, a lot of smoke enveloped the sky, and the rain in some areas of Brazil turned black.

Although these fires are natural disasters, the reason behind them is still closely related to human beings. If it is not human behavior that leads to the greenhouse effect, then the fire will not burn more and more vigorously under the blessing of high temperature. Only when we work together to solve the problem of global warming will the natural environment improve.

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