Guangxi foreign house is called ghost house because it makes a strange noise in the middle of the night. The originator is a long living creature in the septic tank!

The decoration and location of a residence in Guangxi is perfect. It’s a five story house with its own back garden and swimming pool. But not long after I moved in, people in this building can always hear the creepy sound at night. The sound is long and long. Sometimes it makes a loud noise, sometimes it’s quiet, sometimes it’s slow and calm. The sound is always quiet It’s coming from downstairs. So could it be a mouse? But when you listen carefully, you don’t think so. After all, mice seem to be small, so is it artificial noise? But the sound was almost the same. It lasted for a year. Who is going to keep making noise here for a year? The owner of the house is Chen, so every day Mr. Chen will carefully check the doors and windows, and at the same time install monitoring, but what makes them collapse is that he finds nothing. So local people here call it ghost house, the legend of ghost house, also began to attract more and more attention.

Why is it called ghost house? It turns out that this place is a wharf where many people lost their lives. In addition, there used to be a deep water bay where many boats capsized. People put the bodies on the wharf and let the families of the dead come to claim them. It is said that some bodies that were not taken away in time or unclaimed would be eaten by mice When it was cloudy and rainy, they could hear their cry. Later, the wharf and Bay in this place were filled up and developed as a new homestead, and Lao Chen’s building was bought at this time.

Perhaps many people will say, why is Lao Chen’s building like this? It turns out that Lao Chen is already the fifth owner of the house, and before these owners, they have heard such a voice. Then, is there a problem with the architectural design of the house itself? Therefore, experts from the Construction Bureau conducted an investigation on the site, and the reason is not caused by the building.

Why do you make strange noises at night, and you can see that there is no one through the camera. First of all, ghosts do not exist, so what is the reason? At this time, it was another night. Lao Chen and his brother no longer wanted to go to bed. They held their breath and looked for strange sounds. At this time, the careful house owner first found the source of the sound. They felt that they all came from a certain point, so they braved themselves together and took a big knife. But the sound came from the toilet. It was very strange, but there was no way. In order to see who was playing tricks, the brothers had to pry the toilet tiles away. The toilet was in a mess, and the sound was gone.

If the sound really comes from the toilet, then the only connecting point of the toilet is the septic tank, which is usually dug when building a building. The heavy lid on the septic tank is hard for ordinary people to open.

After all, the two brothers are still in their prime. With the help of nine oxen and two tigers, they finally opened the stinky septic tank. So what will be under the sewage? They are staring at the painting style. Unexpectedly, there are some snowflakes in the calm sewage. A thing with a beard flashed by in a long shape.

This strip shape thing can frighten old Chen and his brother. Is this the legendary monster?

Could it be fish? But what fish lives in a septic tank? So Lao Chen and his brother quickly took a fishing net. Unexpectedly, they caught two fish like things.

So what is it? After Lao Chen and his brother washed these long animals. I was surprised to find that this is the local catfish, but there is no fish pond near here. Did they grow legs by themselves? Why did you come here?

Later, all the mysteries were solved. It turned out that the first homeowner had raised this kind of fish at home, so two of the fish, with strong vitality, slipped down the toilet drainage pipe to the septic tank. Although it was a dirty and strongly alkaline place, this kind of fish had a very strong vitality, survived, and at the same time, they also bred offspring, full of this kind of fish.

In the evening, they are stretching their muscles and bones, very happy.

So there was the so-called abnormal sound in the middle of the night that Lao Chen and those people heard.

The so-called ghost house finally disappeared, and the house was able to return to its own tranquility.

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