Guangxi Lingquan, heard shouting will flow, experts said: true! There is no artificial mechanism!

Can we stop the flow of Shouquan?

① Shouquan was really called out by the villagers

In Guangxi, China, there is a special kind of spring, which usually has little or no running water. However, if someone shouts a few times at the spring, the spring will become bigger. As time goes by, the spring’s reputation has become very popular, and many media are competing to report it. As a result, there are more and more supernatural legends in this place. The expert team specially comes here to express their opinions To solve the mystery of this spiritual spring.

② The legend of Shouquan

In the hearts of the local villagers, this spring is a very sacred thing. After all, all the villagers began to know about Shouquan from the legend, which involves eight generations of their ancestors. It is said that in ancient times, when Yang paifeng defeated Nanman, he and his troops passed by here by chance. They were very thirsty and found the spring. However, there was too little spring water. They had to shout at the spring to ask for water. Unexpectedly, the spring gushed out water.

According to the villagers, we all think that the spring is very spiritual. After all, not everyone shouts at the spring, and the spring will respond.

When the expert group arrived, it first made a brief assessment of the surrounding landform, then analyzed the composition of the spring water, and finally came to a correct conclusion.

Science reveals secrets and Shouquan

① Geomorphological factors are indispensable

Originally, Guangxi is located in mountainous areas, where most of the karst landforms are very typical. This village has a high altitude, steep terrain, and springs are released from all angles of the mountain. In this case, it means that most places are surface springs, also known as epikarst zone.

The spring attached to the surface is called a tidal spring.

② We’re here for the fun

The formation of karst landforms is very complex. First of all, the important components of karst landforms are basically limestone and dolomite. The combination of the two will form the necessary conditions for multi tidal springs. After all, dolomite and limestone are mainly composed of calcium carbonate. If calcium carbonate is dissolved through natural differentiation and physical action of dissolution, further dissolution will occur.

③ Water movement is also important

This kind of dissolution will melt the rock into caves and channels, and the storage of groundwater will occur from then on. And because the spring water in the mountain will penetrate and move with the gap, if the gap is too large, the channel will be formed, and the spring water will gather outside the mountain, so the flow of spring water will be generated.

Therefore, it can be determined that Shouquan really exists, and it is not a man-made device.

The black hand behind it is the famous siphon principle

① The truth of opening time in siphon experiment of flask

The various instruments brought by the experts, as well as the results of the perfect setting and display of the instruments, finally made people understand why there was no spring at all. They started to simulate in the laboratory and used a device to prove the scientificity of the spring. First of all, they put the flask very high and connected two pipes on both sides of the flask. At this time, they were imitating that the spring could come and go freely in the mountain State.

If the highest point of the spring channel is higher than the device, the spring water will flow out. If the channel is lower than the water outlet, the water will be cut off. Therefore, the principle is very similar to that of a coffee machine, which is the siphon principle.

In addition to the above results, the color of acid-base test paper also shows that the composition of spring water in this area is consistent with that of karst water.

② The analysis speed of flow measurement experiment is not abnormal

But most of the villagers don’t think so. They stubbornly believe that the spring water has life and spirituality. They can understand what they say. So the experts have no choice but to come up with evidence. They use rulers and boards to record the changes of the spring water.

In about two hours, they came to a conclusion. According to the previous conclusion and the results at hand, the experimental group measured every other minute, and the change increased in a positive proportion, which means that there will be a change in six minutes, so this very regular change can only be caused by the siphon principle.

Shouquan good, Shouquan wonderful, Shouquan really is not simple man-made

Therefore, the so-called “Shouquan” is not a man-made device at all, nor is it made by people using their voice to shout out, but when they shout, they happen to be at the node of time change. Everything is so coincidental. The secret of “Shouquan” is the siphoning principle of various springs in the mountain.

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