Guizhou Park in the “ancient world”, from 358 million years ago, more than 80 species!

Today’s earth is divided into seven parts of the ocean and three parts of the land. But hundreds of millions of years ago, the face of the earth was not what it is today. At that time, the earth was probably surrounded by a vast ocean. Just like Guizhou in our country, according to the exploration of scientists, Guizhou once appeared a warm shallow sea area, and also raised a variety of organisms, and scientists also excavated a large number of biological fossils there, which can be said to be an ancient world.

Fossil groups in Guizhou

In August of this year, scientists from Guizhou Province found a very large group of fossils in China. In this fossil group, they found more than 80 kinds of ancient creatures. After analysis, scientists found that these ancient creatures actually lived in the Devonian period, more than 300 million years ago, when the species on earth were relatively simple. There are many kinds of living things in the ocean, which is also called the fish age. Therefore, scientists believe that Guizhou was actually a vast ocean in ancient times.

It can be said that the discovery of the scientists is very surprising. There are not only rich species in this fossil group, but also the ecological relationship between these species. These organisms restrict each other, depend on each other, and the survival relationship is very harmonious. Now the research work of Jiwozhai is still going on. The scientists believe that the ecological relationship found at present is very harmonious The fossil fauna is not all fossils. There may be fossils from other tribes around this area.

Competition among organisms

Through this fossil group, scientists also found that all creatures in nature are competitive. Survival of the fittest is the iron law of nature. If in the process of evolution, organisms can not fully adapt to the environment, they will eventually be eliminated by the environment. This fossil group in Guizhou well illustrates this problem.

Nowadays, human beings have become the ruler of the earth in the cruel competition, which also shows that the potential of human beings is unlimited. But when human beings have a high-quality material life, they wantonly hunt and kill the natural resources and all kinds of creatures, which is really very sad. All creatures in nature are like living on the earth. It’s the instinct of animals to look for life. Just like corals and stromatoporoids, there is a competitive relationship between them, but it is this mutual restriction that makes them mutually beneficial and win-win.

Scientists are still studying this fossil group. In addition to more than 80 kinds of biological fossils, scientists have found that some of the fish are more than ten meters long, which is of great significance for us to study the ancient times. What do you think?

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