“Haitian zombies” is not accidental, but related to the phenomenon of resurrection from the dead around the world

When it comes to zombies, you are certainly not unfamiliar with them. Lin Zhengying’s zombie movies can be regarded as the classic of domestic horror. Xiaobian is also Lin Zhengying’s iron powder. He has seen every horror movie and often thinks that there are zombies in the world? Zombies and ghosts are legendary things. But in 1980, there was a real case in Haiti. There are different opinions on this incident.

In 1980, a man called himself clarvius Narcisse appeared in the village of Haiti and said that he died on May 2, 1962 at Albert Schweitzer Hospital in deschapelles, Haiti. Narcisse described that he was still conscious when he was presumed dead, but he couldn’t move. He even felt the doctor put a sheet on him. He watched himself buried. Finally, a wizard saved him and made him a zombie.


The death Hospital of Narcisse has records. At that time, scientists thought that this was the evidence that Narcisse became a zombie. Narcisse’s family was also asking Narcisse about all the things he had “before he died”. Narcisse answered all the questions like a stream. People could not see whose prank was pretending to be Narcisse. People have been trying to find out why Narcisse became a zombie in various ways.

To find out, Canadian anthropologist Dr. Wade Davis traveled all over Haiti and made some gratifying discoveries that Narcisse turned into a zombie probably because of some drugs. Finally, in the process of continuous exploration, Dr. Davis found that the drugs used by local witches in the process of saving people are often the powder ground by plants or animals, which contains Datura, tetrodotoxin and other toxins. Those who can use medicine are paralyzed and become slaves of witches. Maybe it’s just another application of science.


There were many opinions about this in Haiti at that time. Some said it was a play directed and performed by the narcisses, some said it was the negligence of the doctors at that time, and some said it was cursed by God. There are many opinions here. Xiaobian always thinks that it is some human factors that cause this kind of thing to happen. There are no gods and ghosts in the world. The residents of Haiti have not received formal education for a long time, and their backward thinking has led to their belief in the witchcraft of reviving people by witches.

In November 2011, Lyudmila stebliskaya, 61, suddenly felt very uncomfortable and was sent to Tomsk regional clinical hospital for treatment. A few days later, her daughter received bad news on a Friday and the doctor announced Lyudmila’s death. Three days later, when stebliskaya’s daughter went to the hospital to collect the body, the hospital doctor ran out of the mortuary with a pale face. At this time, stebliskaya came back to life. No one can say what is the reason for the resurrection of Qing Dynasty.


In June this year, when a boy in Brazil got pneumonia and was ready to be buried, the child got up and said, “Dad, I want to drink water.” the family began to scream. The funeral turned into a happy event, which made everyone very happy. At this time, the reason for the resurrection is not always necessary in this family.

A 65 year old Yemeni died after a heart attack. According to local customs, his body was washed and wrapped in white cloth. When he was about to bury in the grave, he suddenly got up and was very angry with the people around him. He thought that they wanted to bury him alive and murder him. There are a lot of such things, so here Xiaobian thinks that Haitian zombies are resurrected from the dead or feign death. But I can’t rule out another situation.


The so-called big world, there are all kinds of strange things, many people in order to attract people’s attention will do very extraordinary things, before Xiaobian also said that it is likely to be Narcisse In Xiaobian’s eyes, a play directed and performed by the family is a doctor’s dereliction of duty. Although many mysteries of the human body have not been solved by medicine, it does not mean that it is a feudal superstition. These people who came back from the dead may not have died at that time. After all, there is the saying of “feign death” in medicine. Maybe these phenomena are related to it. In view of Narcisse’s resurrection from death, Xiao Bian always thinks that Narcisse has not died from the beginning to the end, and the death certificate of the hospital can’t explain everything, but for what reason the hospital and the family jointly admit death, maybe it’s feign death, maybe it’s also because of other reasons.

All netizens can guess that we can discuss it together.


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