Halifax big bang! Before the atomic bomb, the most serious explosion in human history

Halifax Big Bang


As we all know, the atomic bomb is one of the most destructive nuclear weapons. However, before the appearance of the atomic bomb, there was the most serious explosion in human history. This explosion almost destroyed Halifax, a small Canadian city.

In December 1917, the “Mont Blanc”, loaded with 5000 tons of explosives, quietly sailed into Halifax port. According to common sense, it is necessary to have special marks for loading dangerous goods, but in wartime, the warning signal is very easy to attract the attention of the enemy. So, no one knows what’s on the ship.


Halifax was as busy as usual. At this time, danger occurred. A rescue ship suddenly deviated from the channel and rushed to the Mont Blanc. The fierce impact caused a huge fire. The crew had to jump on the lifeboat to escape. While sliding the oars, they waved their arms desperately to warn the surrounding ships.


But because the wind was too loud, and the crew was shouting French, it didn’t arouse everyone’s vigilance. Instead, it attracted people from the shore to watch. A dozen fire engines and navy soldiers rushed to the scene to prepare for rescue. The coast was surrounded by water. No one expected that death had come quietly.

17 minutes later, just as the rescue work started, two earth shaking explosions sounded, the ship smashed on the spot, and the plume of smoke rose as high as 3000 meters. The 500 kg anchor was thrown three kilometers away, five square kilometers of the block, and in an instant it was razed to the ground. Cars and buildings were thrown into the air like pieces of paper.


Of the more than 500 students in the nearby classroom, only 10 survived, and the rest were all killed in the collapsed classroom. It is worth mentioning that a 23 month old baby Annie survived the disaster. She was only 350 meters away from the explosion center. The huge air wave pushed her under the stove, and the heat of the stove made her through the cold winter night. Until the search and rescue personnel rescued her, she was known as “Annie in the ashes” and lived to 95 years old.


More than 2000 people died on the spot and more than 9000 were injured in the accident. The huge impact of the explosion sounded all the church bells within a radius of 110 kilometers, as if playing a requiem for the unfortunate victims.

Who is responsible for the explosion? Most people think it’s the captain and two pilots, but in any case, it can’t save the tragedy caused by the explosion.


Halifax’s vitality was greatly damaged in the explosion, which was no different from the “little boy” of the atomic bomb dropped by the United States to Hiroshima, Japan. The city was totally different, and there were ruins everywhere.


It wasn’t until 25 years later that Halifax got out of the pain, and the town finally recovered its former prosperity.

The explosion not only brought people heavy casualties, but also brought great psychological damage. Therefore, even with the development of science and technology, nuclear weapons can not be used as combat weapons at will, otherwise the earth will face only destruction. Once the earth is seriously damaged, human beings, even the creatures on the earth, will no longer be able to stand. The power of nuclear weapons is too great for mankind to bear the consequences.


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