Hand back against the wall after 30 seconds of natural droop, 5 seconds after the hand will be re “suction” to the wall?

Xiaobian recently saw such an experiment on the Internet. The process of the experiment is very simple, but the result is amazing.


First, press the back of your left hand against the wall and hold for 30 seconds.

After 30 seconds, the left hand naturally droops, and a few seconds: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.


After 5 seconds, there will be such a magical phenomenon, the back of the hand will be “sucked” to the wall again.


Some netizens asked Xiaobian, “what’s the principle?” Xiaobian racked his brains, watching the video with 14000 comments and many netizens leaving comments saying “it is true”. Finally, Xiaobian, like the protagonist in the video, started an experiment on his own.

This experiment is also very simple. The back of the hand is against the wall for 30 seconds, and then the left hand naturally droops. After 5 seconds, nothing happens.


So Xiaobian wondered if it was the material of the wall. In the video, the hostess shared an ordinary white wall, while I used a ceramic tile wall. Well, Xiaobian changed an ordinary wall to continue the experiment, but the result was the same.


“Practice is the only standard for testing truth”. Indeed, Xiaobian can judge from these two experiments that “the back of the hand will naturally droop after 30 seconds, and the hand will be” sucked “to the wall again after 5 seconds”. There is no scientific basis at all. It can even be said that this is probably caused by the psychological factors of the parties.

I don’t know if you’ve ever played the game of Bixian. In the past, Xiaobian and his friends played a game of “Bixian”. They asked Bixian questions, and then Bixian would control the pen to write a check mark or fork (most of the people holding the pen are two people, sometimes three people holding the pen at the same time). At first, they were young and really thought it was a supernatural phenomenon, but later, with the gradual increase of experience, they found that it originated from psychological darkness To put it simply: when someone tells you that the pen can move, your mind will acquiesce to this situation, and constantly hint that you will see the phenomenon of the pen moving, so your hand will unconsciously control the pen.


Xiaobian thinks that the two games are the same. For example, some people may think that the back of your hand will naturally droop after 30 seconds when they see the title of the video or the comments of netizens, and the hand will really be sucked to the wall after 5 seconds. Coupled with the comments of netizens, a psychological hint will drive the back of your hand to the wall when you don’t know it. Of course, we don’t rule out someone Grandstanding, don’t you think?


So Xiaobian thinks that if there are 100 people to do this experiment, there may be several people who succeed in the experiment due to psychological reasons. So you might as well have a try and see what it’s like to be driven by psychological cues.

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