Has evolutionism been questioned and misguided for hundreds of years? Maybe Darwin was really wrong

Darwin put forward the theory of evolution in 1859. At that time, most people believed it deeply, and produced various evidences to prove the history of human evolution. However, some people think that the theory of evolution is not correct. Human beings are not evolved. And why is it that only humans have evolved successfully in so many organisms? Is it because man goes against nature?


If we analyze it according to Darwin’s theory of evolution, maybe it is because of natural selection, the survival of the fittest. If the creatures on the earth want to survive next, they must constantly adapt to the surrounding environment and evolve themselves. But why only the ape has evolved into human beings, or why other animals have not evolved into another higher organism in the process of evolution? This has to make people doubt the real history of human evolution, or the theory of evolution is just a hoax!

Why is only human evolution successful


According to the theory of evolution, there are many creatures that have lived on earth much longer than human beings, such as flies, cockroaches and crocodiles. In trillions of years, all kinds of species have emerged. Why only humans, a high intelligence species, have evolved? Today’s Xiaoqiang and flies are not even different from tens of millions of years ago!


The theory of evolution misleads human beings

When we look at the creatures around us, we feel a sense of pride, because compared with them, human beings are much more advanced and can even dominate the earth. But in fact, human beings can be said to be the lowest intelligent life in the universe. We have emotions and emotions that other creatures can’t express, such as jealousy and arrogance, laziness and irritability, greed and hypocrisy. But no creature is more terrible than the hidden nature of man. So many people began to doubt the theory of evolution, and even began to study the origin of human again.


Of course, there are many new discoveries in the research. For example, researchers have found many relics with high wisdom civilization. It’s strange that these ancient people have super modern civilization technology to create relics. There are also researchers in South Africa dug out 2.8 billion years of metal sphere, 2.8 billion years ago appeared metal? This kind of discovery is not consistent with the theory of evolution.


There are many similar discoveries, and the doubts about evolution have been exposed one after another. However, many evolutionary researchers continue to attack these discoveries, but the facts have changed.

Human evolution may be a hoax


Some people suggest that human evolution is a deception. Many things in the world that cannot be explained by science are related to aliens. In fact, humans are aliens. In the final analysis, the theory of evolution is just Darwin’s conjecture. There is no more evidence to prove its credibility, but there is no evidence that it must be false.


And some scientists have put forward an idea that human beings were not born on the earth or evolved from the beginning. The first human beings may be the products of aliens. They regard the earth as a cage, imprison human beings in the earth forever, and study how human beings develop and progress. This is also the famous earth prison theory.

However, these statements are only conjectures. I believe that in the future, people can obtain more theories with substantial evidence through research! What do you think of evolution? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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