Has Hawking’s worry come true? Hebei farmers dream of three blinks, is it really alien?

There are still many things that can’t be explained by science in the world. We have been looking for aliens for so many years, but there is no ideal result. In China, however, a farmer in Hebei Province claimed that he had seen aliens and had three experiences of teleportation in his dreams. This matter seems too strange to us, but it has also been reported by CCTV’s “approaching science” column. Have aliens really come to earth?


Huang Yanqiu’s three experiences of teleportation


Huang Yanqiu, a farmer in Hebei Province, was less than 20 years old and was preparing for marriage. This was a big life event for Huang Yanqiu at that time, so he did not dare to slack off. But one day, an accident happened to him. It was a very ordinary night. Huang Yanqiu was sleeping in a certain place, and suddenly heard a strong sound. After opening his eyes, he was surprised by the scene. He was no longer in the countryside, but appeared in the countryside Shanghai. This was his first experience of teleportation, which was in July 1977. He had never been to Shanghai, so he had to send a telegram home with the help of local people.


After all, it has been 10 hours since Huang Yanqiu disappeared. When the village head came to Huang Yanqiu’s home with a telegram, everyone was silly. At that time, the traffic was not very developed. If you want to go from Hebei District to Shanghai, you can only choose to take the train. However, no matter what kind of transportation it was, there was no way to get to Shanghai in 10 hours at that time. Although the villagers were puzzled, they still picked up Huang Yanqiu. When he got home, he became delirious and rested for more than a week before he became sober. He claimed that he was sleeping in a dream, suddenly heard a sound, opened his eyes and arrived in Shanghai. He claimed that he saw two people in traffic uniforms.


The villagers thought it was just Huang Yanqiu’s nonsense, but before long, Huang Yanqiu began his second blink. This time he came to Shanghai railway station, and two people in traffic uniforms appeared in front of him. These two people told Huang Yanqiu to take him to the army. When people in the army saw Huang Yanqiu, they were very surprised. They couldn’t get in without a pass. So he asked Huang Yanqiu how he came in. He said that these two people brought him. But the men in the army didn’t see the second man. In addition to this time, Huang Yanqiu had a third experience of teleportation. According to his own claim, he was on his way home when he suddenly fell unconscious and fainted. When he woke up, he had already arrived in Lanzhou, and the two strange people still appeared in front of him.


Did aliens really show up?


It seems that these two people have the ability to travel around the world. However, Huang Yanqiu’s experience of the third teleportation has no substantial evidence. But from the previous two experiences, Huang Yanqiu may really have some secrets. Huang Yanqiu’s three experiences of teleportation also attracted the attention of scientists, and were even reported by CCTV’s “approaching science” column. At that time, the scientists of the column group thought that Huang Yanqiu did not encounter aliens, but was just his experience of sleepwalking.


However, after reading a lot of information, Netizens found that there were indeed records of their entering and leaving the army, and they were able to accurately tell the weather conditions of the day. Now these events have passed for decades. Although the technology level has been 10 points developed, scientists have not found any clues. Huang Yanqiu’s lie detection has also successfully passed, and we can see such a conclusion As a result, many people think that Hawking’s prediction has really come true?


When Hawking was alive, he once warned human beings not to search for aliens frequently, otherwise the position of the earth will be exposed. It is still unknown whether aliens are enemies or friends of human beings. It is absolutely inappropriate for us to search rashly without strong technological support. What kind of story did Huang Yanqiu experience? We have no way to know whether these two people are aliens. What do you think?

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