Has human evolution reached its limit? Scientist: maybe it’s just the beginning. The future is more terrible

Life is the most mysterious thing after the big bang. The earth is a life planet with rich species. So how does life on earth come from? In the beginning, people didn’t know the origin of life? I don’t know how life on earth came into being or developed.

It was not until Darwin put forward the theory of evolution that the important mystery of life was solved. According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, the core of life is evolution, from the initial simple life to the complex life step by step, and then the complex life to the advanced life. Human beings are the high-level intelligent life born after the long evolution of life on earth.

In essence, human beings belong to mammals, but we are different from mammals in nature. They can only be called complex creatures, while human beings are advanced life. From the birth of human beings millions of years ago to the present, the time of evolution is very short. You know, dinosaurs have lived on the earth for 160 million years, but they have not evolved into intelligent life.


The speed of human evolution is very fast, but later scientists found that the speed of human evolution has been slowing down from millions of years ago to now. The evolution of human from ancient ape to Homo sapiens is the fastest, but to Homo sapiens, the evolution to modern human is very slow.

As we all know, the direct ancestor of human beings is actually Homo sapiens tens of thousands of years ago. Homo sapiens is very close to modern people. In addition to some obvious differences in appearance, its internal organizational structure and brain capacity are basically no different from modern people. Homo sapiens 10000 years ago is basically the same as modern people. Through archaeological research, scientists have found that the brain capacity of Homo sapiens 10000 years ago is no different from that of modern people, that is to say, human brain may have stopped evolving 10000 years ago.

So someone came to the conclusion that human evolution may have reached the limit. Is that really the case? In fact, many people hold a negative attitude towards the cognition that human evolution has reached its limit. From the perspective of evolution, there is no end to the evolution of life, only the difference between speed and speed. The reason why we don’t think there is much difference between modern human beings and Homo sapiens 10000 years ago is that the evolution of life is a long process, and we can’t see any change in a short time.

If it’s a million years from now, it’s very obvious that human evolution will take a step further. Therefore, human evolution has not reached its limit. Some scientists even believe that human evolution has just begun, and the future will be even more terrible. Why do you say that?


The speed of life evolution is determined by nature. We all know that nature has a basic survival law: things compete with nature, and the fittest survive. All creatures in nature should follow this natural law. Life that can’t adapt to the changes of nature will be eliminated by nature, and those that can adapt to the environment through continuous evolution can survive better.

From the perspective of nature, we can see that the evolution of organisms is determined by nature. Great changes have taken place in the ecological environment of nature. If life wants to continue, it needs to start a faster mode of evolution, and it will be eliminated if it is slow. After the birth of human beings millions of years ago, the reason why the evolution behind is very fast is mainly because the harsh biological environment at that time forced human beings to evolve rapidly.

We should know that the human ancestors choose to evolve in the direction of wisdom, which is bound to give up the strong power of the body. Without the strong power of the body, there are many creatures in nature that can seriously threaten the survival of human beings. So it was very difficult for the ancient ape to survive at that time. In order to better adapt to the environment and survive, the ancient ape can only use higher intelligence than the animals to compete. At this time, the brain has opened a rapid evolution mode.


Relying on more and more powerful wisdom, the human ancestors finally had the strength to fight for supremacy in nature. They gradually stood at the top of the food chain and grew into the overlord of the earth. When human beings become the overlord of the earth, the survival crisis has also been greatly improved. At the same time, the ecological environment of the earth tends to be stable without great changes. Therefore, there is no survival crisis, no competition, and the speed of evolution is getting slower and slower.

Especially when human beings enter the era of science and technology, people’s quality of life is getting higher and higher. The power of science and technology allows people to change some living environment, and slows down the speed of human evolution again. Therefore, we can not see the obvious trend of human evolution, and some people mistakenly think that human evolution has reached the limit.

In fact, human evolution has been going on all the time, but due to the stability of the environment, there is no great survival crisis for human beings, so it will take a long time to make this evolutionary feature manifest, which may be millions of years, tens of millions of years or even hundreds of millions of years.

Of course, the above is the natural evolution under the rules of nature. There is no legal person to control the direction of this evolution. We can only choose according to the changes of the environment. So if human beings want to grow into higher life through evolution, can they really only wait for the long time of nature? If ordinary life wants to evolve into a higher life, it can only be carried out through nature, which takes a very long time, and it also needs to experience at least one natural selection.


But human beings are different from other animals. We are intelligent life. Now we have entered the era of science and technology. The power of science and technology is infinite. It can reveal the essence of all things, including the essence of life and the mystery of life evolution. From the micro perspective, life is composed of a large number of cells and genes. It’s the same with the human body. As long as scientists break the code of genes, they will be able to uncover the mystery of human evolution step by step.

Evolution, in essence, is the constant change of genes. The power of nature makes life evolve by changing biological genes. When human beings have mastered the mystery of gene and evolution, then we can replace nature and selectively accelerate human evolution.

Therefore, human evolution has just begun. In the past, this evolutionary process was determined and selected by nature. We have no choice when and how long nature wants humans to evolve. In the future, human evolution will get rid of the shackles of nature, and it is entirely up to us to decide. We can choose when we want to evolve.


Through genetic technology, human beings will be able to evolve from advanced life to super life in the future. At that time, human beings may be Superman with the ability to destroy the sky and the earth. The evolution of human beings is also an inevitable choice. We should know that human beings have entered space. In the future space exploration, interstellar migration will become the main theme. If human beings do not have a strong body, it is very difficult to adapt to the environment of the universe and the outer planet. Strong physical fitness has also become the focus of interstellar civilization.

Just imagine if it took human beings 10000 years to become an interstellar civilization and have the ability of interstellar exploration. But at that time, our physical fitness could not adapt to the long-term interstellar voyage, which would seriously restrict the development of human civilization to the universe. Therefore, the rapid evolution of human beings is necessary, and to achieve this, it is impossible to rely on nature. It takes too long, and it can only rely on powerful science and technology.

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