Has human evolution stopped? People at high altitudes are still evolving, and genes are changing!

Now that human beings have entered the era of science and technology, many people think that human beings have stopped evolution. Is there any scientific basis for this? Scientists believe that human evolution has not stopped. On the contrary, human genes have changed in some areas. What’s the matter? Can humans evolve into different species?


Some time ago, scientists published the latest research results. They analyzed human beings living in high altitude areas and found that their evolution did not stop, but their genes changed. Today, the earth’s population has exceeded the 7 billion mark. As the home for human survival, our footprints are all over the world. People’s living habits and habits are different in different regions. Just like people living in high altitude areas and people living in low altitude areas, there will be obvious differences in lifestyle.

The difference between high altitude and plain


Many people living in the plain, if they enter the high altitude area for the first time, are prone to hypoxia and even altitude reaction. This is actually caused by the change of oxygen concentration. When people living in the high altitude area go to the low altitude area, they will not adapt. This phenomenon has attracted the attention of scientists. They have been asking whether people living in high altitude and plain areas will show different behaviors under different pressures? So they started a long experiment, and the results came out some time ago.


Humans are still evolving

In order to ensure the accuracy of the experimental results, the scientists selected three groups of people for the experiment. The first group of experimenters lived in gaiqiuya at an altitude of 3000 meters from birth. The second group of experimenters were born at a high altitude and then went to live in the plain. The third group of experimenters’ ancestors lived at a high altitude and have lived in the plain since their parents. Although they all belong to gachua, will there be any genetic difference? When scientists conducted experiments, they found that the DNA of the first group of gaichua people had changed, and these people were still quietly evolving.


Gachua was born 10000 years ago, and from then on, they began to adapt to the environment. In order to adapt to the high altitude hypoxia environment, they have been in the process of evolution. They believe that in many places, people living at high altitudes share the same pattern of evolution.


Although the evolution of human beings is not obvious now, it has not stopped. With the development of science and technology, human immunity is constantly improving, which shows that human beings are also evolving. In the future, human beings will evolve more powerful, and even realize the integration of man and machine. I don’t know what you think?

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